Iberia Reviews

Iberia Reviews

David Brooks once said “Creativity is not a solitary process. It happens within networks, when talented people get together, when idea systems and mentalities merge” and this is the main reason why Iberia (airline) caught my attention. In this review, we will learn how two brilliant minds are still better than one.

History & Facts about Iberia

It all started with a capital investment of Horacio Echevarrieta (financier) and Lufthansa (German airline) known as Deutsche Luft Hansa at that time) for 1.1 million pesetas. The inaugural flight of the airline was on the 14th of December 1927. The airline stopped being an independent airline during the leadership of Miguel Primo de Rivera that resulted to merging with Compañía de Líneas Aéreas Subvencionadas S.A (CLASSA) on May 29, 1929.
Iberia Reviews-mergeIt was in 2002 when Iberia was privatised alongside the 75th year of celebration of the airline. This lead them on the 5th of February 2006 to join the Oneworld airline alliance and make large improvements ever since.

On January 2011, British Airways and Iberia merged and this combination made them the third largest commercial airline in the world by revenue. The newly merged airline was known as International Airlines Group (IAG).

Iberia Reviews-Luis Gallego
Luis Gallego

As part of their growth in years, Iberia redesigned their company logo, which was a graphical embodiment of their success and represents the evolution they prepared to face. The new logo keeps the Spanish flag’s colors and boosts the red instead to symbolize vitality and drive.

A Spanish aeronautical engineer, Mr. Luis Gallego, is the Chief Executive Officer of Iberia Airlines and has been since March 2013. During the first year of leadership, Mr. Gallego was able to cut the losses of the airline by half.

The national flag carrier and largest airline of Spain serves 109 destinations in 40 countries with a fleet size of 128 and is headquartered at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport. Iberia’s slogan “
And tomorrow, can you imagine” really is a good outlook to how they see the future, that the airline gathered several awards and the most recent was with Skytrax’s World Airline Awards, holding the 56th spot in these years “The World’s Top 100 Airlines”.

Iberia Experience: Inflight Service

Iberia Reviews-economyThe airlines has four cabin classes but mainly focuses with Business Class: Economy, Business, Business Club and Business Plus. The difference of Business, Business Club and Business Plus depends on the route of flight if it’s short haul flights, medium range or long haul flights. However the Business Plus passengers get a lounge access, priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling.

Economy Class passengers are served with complimentary meals and beverages. Like other cabin classes, customers enjoy inflight connection with the airline’s on board WiFi and GSM. Inflight magazine “Ronda” is also provided for additional entertainment aside from their seatback audio video on demand for Economy and their own entertainment system for Business Classes

PC and Mobile Version

The interface of the official website  is user friendly and lively with the majority of red color headings and a background of flashing images including the famous Tower Bridge of England and other tourist attractions worldwide. The features of the website mainly focus on booking flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, check-in online, check flight status and manage their booking.
Iberia Reviews-page
Iberia is generous with customers who want to change the site’s language, the option is found at the top center of the page wherein they can choose from over 40 languages worldwide or by the 3 main continents.

At the top part as well of the page, travelers can get access to more information about the airline’s inflight services, policies, travel ideas and access to their frequent flyer program Iberia Plus.

Iberia Reviews-mobile appRecently, Iberia updated their airline’s mobile app with almost the same performance and layout with the PC version. Customers can still check-in and manage their booking, check flight status, seat selection and access to their Iberia Plus account. The travel app is available in App Store and Google Play store with the current version update to 6.9.4 on March 21, 2016.

Iberia Reviews of Passengers

According to the most recent Iberia reviews on Airlinequality.com, the airline’s customers are surprised and definitely will book with them again. However the downside of the airline is it doesn’t have personal entertainment, crew were not friendly and food were expensive. But here let me share the latest review by one of their customers:

The rating of 10/10 was given by Stefan on 5th of April 2016 when he said:
“A first class trip to and from Madrid and Havana with Iberia. Superb food, lovely staff, comfortable seats and great entertainment. This was as good as Cathay Pacific – what a surprise. If you get a chance to travel on the new planes take it. The Madrid business lounge is impressive too.”
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                        www.iberia.com
  • Contact number:                  +34 901 111 500
  • Contact Email:                      clasica@iberia.es
  • Fax Number:                         +34 915 874 741
  • Head Office Address:          Calle Velazkuez 130, 28006 Madrid, Spain

To Sum It Up

After reading and learning more with other Iberia reviews, the airline really made the right decision to merge for growth not for survival. Successful ideas are result of slow growth, because it takes time. Like how a fermentation makes a good wine. This is precisely what Iberia did in 8 decades. What can you say about them? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. As usual as everyone of my Iberia trips I do twice a year from Europe to South America a simply horrific experience. Old planes no private inflight entertainment extremely unprofessional and not motivated cabin crew horrible food quality extremely low service (cabin crew disappear after take-off and reappear just before landing no drinks served during flight). The only reason why I choose Iberia again and again is because they often are the cheapest ones but every Iberia long haul flight is a real torture.


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