ImagineAir Reviews

ImagineAir Reviews

ImagineAir Reviews-seatImagineAir started in November 2005 as a jet service by Paul Fischer, Aaron Sohacki and Benjamin Hamilton wherein the initial plan and intention was to fly networks with Eclipse 500 aircrafts. However, the deliveries were delayed that they started operations with Cirrus SR22 instead. In an effort to be the first nationwide air taxi carrier, ImagineAir merged with Kavoo in 2014 to extend their network destinations by including the entire east coast of the United States.

Now, ImagineAir serves with their company slogan as “Affordable, Personal Air Taxi” with all four-five seater Cirrus SR22 aircrafts and charter flights from over 900+ destinations in Southern and Northern US.

Imagine the Air with ImagineAir
ImagineAir is slightly-modernized and up-to-date with its key feature of searching and booking trip option shown on the right hand of the page. The elegant photography of flashing travel-related pictures gives a great impact to the overall view of the website. ImagineAir’s other functions let customers view their latest deals and offers. To my surprise, this regional air service has a frequent flyer program named “Flight Card Program”, which works similarly like airline’s loyalty programs that reward passengers with every flight. To learn more, click here.
ImagineAir Reviews-page
On ImagineAir, travelers can quote a flight, check flight status and learn more about ImagineAir company. All of these options are shown on the left hand of the page. To grasp further about their social media accounts, contact information and company history, the bottom part of the page gives it all.

ImagineAir Reviews of Passengers
Unfortunately, there’s not much ImagineAir reviews shown or posted by consumers. But there’s one published review back on the 6th of June 2009 where the customer said “ImagineAir is a cool air taxi service” and 90 percent of his comment was all about their trip not ImagineAir. Well, to be fair, at least the online taxi service was mentioned.

ImagineAir Reviews-coolOn the same site but with different version, 2 more reviews were found posted in 2011 and 2012 with 5/5 rating by Yelp. Wherein the reviewers said “Wonderful air taxi operation. They can pick you up and drop you at almost any airport in the country. Great pilots and customer service. The planes, Cirrus SR-22s are like riding in a Lexus I’d say. Four seats and include a whole aircraft parachute. YouTube the parachute to check it out!  What a fun experience it was.” for reference, check out the review here:

Contact Information

  • Website URL:               
  • Contact number:                   1 (877) 359-4242 / (678) 226-2329
  • Contact Email:             
  • Fax Number:                          (678) 226-4386
  • Head Office Address:           460 Briscoe Blvd. Suite 210, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, USA

ImagineAir Reviews-logoOverview
As I observed, ImagineAir is not bad at all. Compared to other untrusted travel sites, I will go over and book my trip with ImagineAir for my flights within US. But I know that the air taxi service can do better than this good score they had recorded. However, I am still wondering where the other consumer reviews had gone? If you flew with ImagineAir, feel free to share your story below.


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  1. Not definitely the best and not worst. Just fair enough, though I might not booked with this travel company next time. Sometimes it’s better to stick with the original rather than trying other site like this


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