Incheon International Airport Reviews

Incheon International Airport Reviews

Incheon International Airport Reviews-TOPDid you know that Incheon International Airport has the third-largest terminal in the world in size? The land of kimchi and the best place for romantic holidays. The 28-year old Korean singer-rapper, songwriter, member of Big Bang, and actor was born in South Korea as Choi Seung-Hyun a.k.a. “T.O.P” Join us as we study the international airport in South Korea: Incheon International Airport (ICN)


ICN information counters are located on the first and third floors in the boarding gate areas at the Airport Transportation Centre. Aside from toilets, ICN also has shower rooms wherein travelers can refresh themselves after a long flight. They have a total of 17 shower rooms, 7 in the East and West Passenger Terminal, and 10 in the concourse, operating from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM. Internet connection via WiFi is available in ICN; just connect to “NAVER” for an unlimited free access

Incheon International Airport Reviews-food courtRestaurants, snack bars, cafés, bars, ice cream parlours, and fast-food outlets abound at Seoul Incheon International Airport. These include eateries serving both South Korean and Western cuisine. There is a good selection of duty-free shops at the airport selling a range of goods, including fashion accessories, electronics, and perfumes. Additionally, there are convenience stores and bookshops for basic needs at various points within the terminal complex.


To get to Incheon International Airport from central Seoul, take the Gangbyeonbuk-ro route northwards and turn off onto the eastbound Incheon International Airport Expressway – this leads directly to the airport site. An expressway toll is payable from/to Incheon and Seoul.
Another way to get there is 52 kilometers west from the capital of Seoul: the location of the airport is on Yeongjong Island to be exact. ICN can be reached from downtown via city buses and taxis. There’s no rail service; then, it only means that the vehicle can be dropped to nearby subway stations for connections to the city.

Location – Traffic – Service

ICN was listed as one of the world’s busiest airports. To be exact, in March 2015, statistics by Airports Council International show they ranked the 7th spot for busiest airports with over 12.5 million flight exits on international and domestic flights from 3 runways and 1 helipad, with a total of around 33 million passengers. Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Eastar Jet, Jeju Air, Jin Air, and Polar Air Cargo are headquartered here. The airport serves Seoul metropolitan areas and has over 300 international and domestic nonstop destinations.
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Airport/Terminal Map


Past: Building the airport started in 1992, and it was officially opened in March 2001. The aim of the new airport was to cope up with the increase of air traffic in Gimpo International Airport as observed after the Seoul Olympics held in 1988. The initial start of any business or company tags along problems. However, such problems were fixed within a month, and the airport was able to operate smoothly after that.

Incheon International Airport Reviews-Park Wan-su
Park Wan-su

Present: The public international airport of South Korea is fully owned by the Government of the Republic of Korea. Now, they are led by President and Chief Executive Officer, Park Wan-su. Prior to being the leader of ICN, during his youth he used to be an electronics manufacturer, then was nominated in time as Mayor of Changwon city. In an interview with Global Traveler in mid 2015, he revealed the uniqueness of the airport when he said “Employees share the goal of providing the world’s best service while maintaining safety, speed and convenience, and try their best in their positions. Sharing information and know-how through collaboration is especially effective in improving service.

We also differentiate Incheon Airport as a “culture-port” — more than a mere transportation means, a venue offering culture and art. K-pop, classical and Korean traditional music performances take place 23 times a day throughout the airport, and 12 centers feature Korean culture programs.”

Future: Ongoing development work includes construction of a second terminal building (expected to open towards the end of 2016) and further expansion set for completion by 2020.

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The airport has been continuously awarded as “The Best Airport worldwide” for nine consecutive years (2005-13) by Airports Council International. And, at this year’s Global Traveler Tested Reader Survey Awards, ICN won the award for “the Best Overall Airport in the World prize;” the airport took home the victory even among the other giant participants followed by Changi Airport and the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
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Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:            ICN
  • Phone number :       +82 1577-2600
  • Fax number:             +82 (0)32 741 2270
  • Website URL :
  • Email:                /
  • Address:                     272 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea


The airport might have started late but age is just a number for them. Their performance matches other pioneer international airports worldwide. ICN keeps growing and extending their network of destinations. This evidently had been one of the main reasons they are the one of the busiest airports by passenger traffic overall.

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  1. Incheon airport is like a mini city. Very well illuminated and user-friendly. Immigration was smooth and fast friendly officers. Baggage area very wide and the signs are very clear. Good facilities and shopping areas. Free wifi and good seating areas; plenty of space. Good airport to transit through


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