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No matter what travel product it is, online travel agencies share similar systems of operation as well as products and services offered to their customers. They establish connections with travel companies like airlines and hotels, gather fresh deals from other travel search engines, and present them as their own. The good thing about these sites is that there is the possibility of discounted prices on the packages they offer.

The online travel agency itravel2000 is no different.


Founded in 1994, it’s one of Canada’s biggest independent travel companies, according to their “about us” page. The company boasts of providing accurate and reliable travel services all the time, even top agencies can’t do that. Maybe itravel2000 could, or couldn’t; we’ll soon find out.

deansPicThe CEO of itravel2000 is business visionary Dean Moore. Moore prepared for his role in the travel industry by being the Thomas Cook North America CEO from 2012 to 2013.

Let’s see if Moore and his team of experts managed to provide efficient travel services or are they among the self-proclaimed champions of the travel industry.

Online criticism

After reading some reviews online, we have concluded that itravel2000 managed to piss a lot of people off.

Online statements about the company talk about rude customer service representatives, misleading deals, overcharging, and more.

a2YCgr7Most of the reviews were dated back in 2012, 2013, and 2014. On, a man named Rick Carter started a forum about his bad experience with the travel agency.

Apparently, a mistake with their schedule was made when they arrived at the airport a day before their flight, they were only following the date he chose for their departure. itravel2000 even blamed the airline AirTransat for the mistake. After posting his review, several good and bad comments appeared. Some of the comments defended the company while others ridiculed itravel2000 for their weak operation.

It’s really hard to determine if itravel2000 really is a reliable site, because most reviews are outdated.


dh1LIunTheir website is no different from thousands of travel sites, but its design is actually well organized and easy to navigate. Their catalog very specific, for example, they present a list of categories like December vacations, January vacations, Family deals, and group deals.

They also promote “lastminute” deals and flight tickets with discounted prices right on their homepage. Along those deals is a small image of their airline partners’ logo like Sunwing and Easyjet.

Customers can book flight deals, hotel reservations, ferry cruises, vacation packages, and so much more.

Signing up for their newsletter has it perks, like quick updates about latest flight deals, huge savings and a $50 promo code right on the bat for your next booking.

Customer Service

They have phone support and email support for customer service. Their phone support is available all day of the week, but not the entire day; it’s Monday to Friday from 7am to 12mn and Saturday & Sunday from 08:30am to 8pm.

Their phone support is actually more extensive because they cater to specific customers like honeymoon bookings, group travel, and corporate travels. Click here to open their contact us page.

They have a separate email for sales and customer service. They also have a FAQs page for general information about booking, why should travelers choose itravel2000, and more.


There’s no question that itravel2000 isn’t as efficient as they describe themselves to be, specific and major improvements are needed if they want to gain more customers to keep their company going.

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