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There are several visionaries in India who developed a certain affection for the travel industry. Not talking about airlines or freight carriers, I’m pertaining to travel sites, specifically search engines for travel products.

Ixigo is one of the many online travel agencies in India, like Travelguru and Makemytrip. Top10companiesinindia.co.in posted a list of the top ten travel sites in India, Ixigo didn’t made the cut, why not?


Ixigo was founded on June 3rd, 2006 in Gurgaon India. They started out strong with the company being chosen as one of the top six startups on the Internet space in India.

x7HSL6HDIxigo was co-founded by Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar.  Bajpai is the CEO of Ixigo, he goes by the motto “Without action, the world would still be an idea.” Kumar serves as the company’s CTO.




Travel Services

2EbX3FFThe company focuses on providing the cheapest deals for domestic and international flights and hotel reservations. They also book land transportation services like train and bus rides worldwide. One amazing feature on the website is the “Trip Planner.”

You simply type in your destination, then the website shows different options for you like restaurants, local attractions, and hotels in the destination you entered. You can then plan your entire trip from departure until you pack your luggage for home.

Travel Apps

9rMcSWsIxigo has several mobile apps, one for road trips, one for buses, one for cabs, one for flights, one for trains and hotels, and finally one for PNR Status. So, there’s six apps to be exact. They are available for Window store, Apple Apps store and Google Play Store. For more information about their mobile application, click here.


Customer Service

The company has phone support and email support. They have four email addresses for cashback, hotels, advertisement, and sales. They also allow customers to submit their feedback on their feedback page. Their social media is active on Facebook and Twitter.

Now let’s browse around the Internet to read some reviews on Ixigo and find out why they didn’t make it to the top ten list.

Online Reviews

There are a few reviews on the company. On Glassdoor.com, they got three reviews and 11 reviews on Mouthshut.com by the time this article was written. On Mouthshut.com, there are five positive reviews, five negative reviews and one neutral. The positive reviews complimented the website, Ixigo’s value for money, and their amazing domestic flight deals. On the other hand, the negative reviews accused the company for being a bunch of cheaters and frauds, some bookings weren’t confirmed at all while customers some didn’t receive any cash back from the company.

Their social media page for Facebook and Twitter recieved good reviews from customers as well.

It’s hard to determine whether the company is really efficient or not, there are not enough reviews to support a solid conclusion.

In a nutshell

Looks like the company isn’t that dynamic and active in providing services. A lot of room for improvements. The company needs to work on building a reputation and making some noise inside and outside of India. They need more customers to really achieve their purpose of providing excellent travel services. The company is still relatively small compared to the big boys like Makemytrip and Yatra.

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