Japan Airlines Reviews

Japan Airlines Reviews

Welcome to the Land of Rising Sun! The place of Cherry Blossoms, Kimono and Mount Fuji. The wonderful culture of the Japanese brought a lot of interest internationally. Japanese Airlines is their national flag carrier, I wonder how interesting it is to ride with them too? Ikimashou (Let’s Go).

The Beginning of JAL

Japan Airlines Reviews-Kazuo Inamori
Kazuo Inamori

The airline started when the government of Japan ceased the necessity of having air transportation to help the country after the World War II. It started with a 100 million yen capital with the first aircraft Kinsei, a Douglas DC-3.

The current Chief Executive Officer of Japan Airlines, Mr. Kazuo Inamori, is an 83-year old Japanese entrepreneur and philanthropist who was the founder of Kyocera and KDDI Corporation. Kyocera is a multinational electronics and ceramic manufacturer and KDDI is a known Japanese telecommunication operator.

Things you need to know about Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is the flag carrier of Japan with a fleet size of 166. The second largest airline in Japan has its main hubs at Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport. The airline is in alliance with Oneworld.

The logo of the airlines is Tsurumaru, a Japanese crane. The airlines had several logos but in 1958, they decided to just stick with Tsurumaru. They used the logo on their first Boeing 747 to define their commencement for international Jet service.

The airlines has been nominated consecutively for the award “Asia’s Leading Airline” starting from 2005 up to present. The airline has risen up to the 21st spot from last year being 23rd in Skytrax World Airline Awards for “The World’s Top 100 Airlines”

Be served the JAL way

There are three cabin classes in this airline: First Class, Class J and Economy Class. Japan Airlines recently upgraded their in-flight seats.

First Class, with the new face of the First Class cabin the passengers enjoy comfort in-flight with the new white leather designed seats with enough legroom. Cushions, woven blankets and slippers by Tempur (company known for fine goods in Japan) are offered in flight. A punctual way of serving meals from the finest Japanese dishes, American sandwiches and choices of wine. Priority in boarding and baggage handling.
Japan Airlines Reviews-service
Class J and Economy Class, differences are with the new designed reclining seats of the Class J cabin, customers can move naturally to maintain a balanced posture. The other one, Economy Class, has the new RECARO seats of this class, customers are getting the European vibe of the service. Complimentary Japanese meals and a choice of beverages from Sky Time, juices, soft drinks and juices are served in both classes. *Sky Time, is JAL’s original drink.

MAGIC, is the airline’s in-flight entertainment or also known as AVOD (Audio Video on Demand). SKY Mangas are also offered in flight as another reading material aside from newspapers and magazines. JAL Sky Wi-Fi is also available for customers to stay connected while on board.
Japan Airlines Reviews-JAL-Mileage-Bank
JAL Mileage Bank (JMB), the frequent flyer program of the airline entitles customers to receive MILES every time they fly with Japan Airlines. Miles can be used to redeem JAL Coupons and discounts for booking domestic or international flights including the flight service discounts. To learn more about JMB, click here.

The new service of JAL, JAL Touch & Go Service, provides customers a hassle-free and quick way to board using their mobile phones. To learn more about the service, click here.

The Website and The Mobile version

JAL’s website initially asks customers to select their country and has two language options: English or Japanese. The layout of the website is equally distributed and designed from the choice of colours, font size and font style. The wallpaper is a flashing image of Japan’s famous autumn maple leaves and cabin seats of the airlines.
Japan Airlines Reviews-page
The website features provide customers the option to book domestic and international flights, book hotel reservations, car rentals, check-in online and flight status. The sub-features of the website provide customers travel information and access to check their JMB or be a member of JMB. Another good side of the page is that it gives notices if a typhoon is approaching Japan. The bottom part of website provides JAL services information, latest news and promotions.
Japan Airlines Reviews-mobile-app
The mobile app of JAL lets customers check-in online, select seats, check flight status, book flights, book hotel reservations and rent cars. Pretty much the same with the official website’s functions. The option to change the language from Japanese to English is also available in the app’s features.

This app was awarded the “Best Use of Mobile Technology” by the FTE GLOBAL Awards 2013 held in Las Vegas, USA. This event happened on September 9, 2013 and the airline was the first Japanese airline awarded with this honor.

Customer’s Concern

Scanning through various Japan Airlines reviews, the airline is really satisfying their customers with good quality of service even during unexpected situations. A lot of recommendations are shown. One reviewer said “cabin crew were courteous and efficient” as a title for his review. In that review, customer said:

“Flight 804 from TPE to NRT was delayed by 3 hours, causing me to miss my connections to BOS and LGA. Counter staff at TPE could not make new reservations, but gave me a voucher for a meal at TPE. Upon arrival at NRT I was met at the gate with new reservations on JL 6 to JFK the following day, plus a voucher for the night at JAL’s Nikko Hotel Narita. My bag was rechecked to JFK. I was treated with utmost respect, efficiency and kindness by JAL ground staff. JL6 to JFK left a few minutes late, but arrived early. The economy class seat was comfortable and the vegetarian oriental meals I ordered were very good.”
He gave the airline on October 2, 2015 a 7 out of 10 rating by Skytrax’s Airlinequality.com

logoContact Information

  • Website URL:                      www.jal.com
  • Contact number:                 +05 7 0025 121
  • Contact Email:                    stephen.pearlman@jal.com
  • Fax Number:                       +81 3 5460 3108
  • Head Office Address:         4-11, Higashi Shinagawa, 2-Chrome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-8605, Japan

In a nutshell

In reference to other Japan Airlines reviews and this too, I recommend the airlines with high respect. As the national flag carrier, the airline didn’t fail at providing an utmost high quality of service which keeps upgrading. Kudos to the airlines! Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. Crew offered good service with a good response. Seats were cramped. My feet touched the next seats which is not comfortable for 12+ hour trip. Food quantity and quality is seriously decreasing comparing to a few years ago. Entertainment OK with AVOD system.


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