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Is it necessary for travel agencies to provide background information about their company? Most of them include an about us page with complete background information, number of employees, awards and other details. Is this relevant? Since most customers only care about the travel service they provide. Maybe it is relevant for travelers to determine whether the company is legit or not. Anyway, everything still depends on their efficiency as an online travel service provider.

Meet Justfly
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The travel agency strives to provide the best possible deals to travelers with the skills of technological experts prior to the travel industry. Justfly operates with almost 400 airlines to provide travelers a wide set of deals. The agency also promises to provide perfect travel service for travelers to have a flawless experience.

Online Feedback

Justfly received a lot of positive reviews on Feefo.com. Travelers are happy with their “simple and straightforward” process, not only that, their credibility for providing accurate cheap deals was backed up by reviews.

Justfly manages to present and distribute the best possible deals for most destinations, one traveler was overwhelmed by the company updating him regularly with better deals coming along for his trip to Munich.

Justfly got a 96% rating for their products and 92% for their service on Feefo.


There were also some bad reviews attacking the agency’s customer service. Some travelers state that their phone support representatives aren’t able to provide the information they wanted.

Well, you can’t please everybody.

The Website


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As described by online reviews the function of their website is “simple and straightforward.” Even a kid can navigate his way and book his own flight. Travelers are welcome to create an account on their website to receive updates about latest flight deals and manage their travel transactions.

They also present pictures of available destinations on their homepage, customers can click on them choose the date of their departure and return, and there it is flight deals with price rates.

Customer Service

Their support line for toll free and direct calls is open 24/7 for enquiries. They also provide contact information of their airline partners so customers can deal with them directly.

A FAQs page is included on their website for the most common questions and of course accompanied with accurate information.


Of course with the relevance of social media, Justfly has their own Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account.


Passion, Innovation, execution and dedication. These are the core values of Justfl. Their mission is to provide the best deals possible for the sake of the travelers, stay on track with their efficient travel services, gather the best travel providing team possible and “Innovate, not imitate.”

Justfly’s Contact information


The company is doing great so far. Their promotion is starting to spread to travelers worldwide. The question is how long can they keep this up? Will Justfly become one of the best travel agencies? or fail after major crisis in a few years?

Hope you guys found this Justfly Review informative. Feel free to leave your comments below.


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