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JustFly Reviews 2018

Today we’re going to be looking at the popular online travel agency, JustFly.com. They’ve been around for quite some time now and hold a large portion of the online travel space. They’re a Canadian based company that service primarily the US market but claim to have competitive prices internationally. Today we’re going to be taking a look at what other trusted review sources are saying about the company.

The goal is to determine what customers are saying about the company. Real customers, which can be a difficult thing to pin down online. There are two reliable review platforms that we’re aware of at Travel Observers, TrustPilot and SiteJabber. What makes these platforms reliable? Well, they not only give a voice for customers to speak their mind about the travel company but also require those customers to provide proof of purchase before publishing a review about a company to ensure that the reviews are not skewed either towards the customer or company.

JustFly Reviews on Trust Pilot 2018

JustFly has accumulated an impressive amount of reviews on TrustPilot. They currently stand at 136,932 reviews and hold a 5 star rating. So far this is a pretty good sign for someone looking for a reliable travel agency to book their tickets with but lets take a look at what people are actually saying on the review platform.

The first review comes from LW who claims to use JustFly frequently to fly out to North Dakota to visit her boyfriend who’s in the air force. She claims that normally tickets are quite expensive to fly out there and JustFly has always provided her with the cheapest prices for that particular itinerary. Here’s her exact quote:

“My boyfriend is in the Air Force and is based in North Dakota, therefore tickets are pretty expensive to fly out there. Just fly always has the cheapest prices, so I’m always buying my tickets through them!”


The next review comes from Erick Enriquez who enjoys the fact that he can compare prices from multiple airlines on JustFly, while this is a service that many online travel agencies provide we’ve found Justfly to make it extremely straight forward. He states that the service becomes even easier once you sign up and create a profile on JustFly.

“I’ve been using Justfly for my reservations because I always get a fair price, I can compare several airlines at the same time and choose the best schedule for my flights. The website is really user friendly and once you create your profile everything gets even easier.”

The last JustFly review that we’ll look at on TrustPilot is from Joshua who states that he foudn JustFly to be easy to use, he likes the different price options and the speed in which the service takes you from start to finish of the overall booking process. Here’s what Joshua had to say.


“JustFly Is Very Easy & Simple To Use. Once You Put In Where You Want To Go, They Have Different Options/Prices Starting From Lowest Price To the Highest Price. We’ve Booked Our Flight In Just 3-5 Mins. It Wasnt Difficult But Very Understandable & Easy.”

All in all the reviews for JustFly on TrustPilot were unanimously great and customers seem very pleased about the service. There were a few negative reviews on TrustPilot about JustFly but they were posted by unverified users so it would not have been a credible source to use in this JustFly review.

All in all it appears that customers are indeed satisfied with the service and prices that JustFly is providing them. We’ve personally look at the company and used it our selves at TravelObservers and have heard from others who used the company and generally speaking we’re not surprised that we were not able to find many valid negative reviews on JustFly, they’re a legitimate online travel agency from what we can see and come highly rated.
What do you think? Have you used them before? Post your comments below!

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