Kuoni Reviews

Kuoni Reviews

When you first heard the word “Kuoni” what comes to your mind? Well, I find it weird too. But did you know, that Kuoni is an online travel agency running in business for a century and nine? It’s been said that Kuoni is your Personal Travel Expert who can arrange all your travel necessities with ease. Let us see what 100 years of experience in travel marketing has to offer.


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Alfred Kuoni

Kuoni traces its roots back in 1906 and was known to be the largest travel organization in Switzerland. Being partly curious about what “Kuoni” means, I stumbled upon few definitions saying it’s just a made up word but majority says it’s a German masculine name that defines “Brave”.

Getting to facts, the word was derived from the name of the founder Alfred Kuoni. He is a Swiss overseas worker. The idea sprung when he came back to Switzerland in 1905, on the same year he suggested adding a travel business to the freight business of his three brothers.

Kuoni offers three services on the home page, shown as Call Us, Meet Us and Explore:

  • Call Us, lets consumers to select a continent and country to give you a list of destination experts. Once you pick one of the destination experts it will give you a brief background of the person and a number to reach them.

  • Meet Us,  the section where customers can plan their holiday with making an appointment by a Kuoni local store searcher. This page automatically searches for the nearest Kuoni local store with the customer’s saved location in the browser or by typing their postcode.

  • And Explore, is where customers can again select a continent to give you an overview of the selected continent including regions, hotels, tours and cruises.

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Out of 15 Kuoni reviews on Trustpilot, the travel site had now gathered a total rating of 8.3 out of 10. This is above the average. Recently, a reviewer said on the 17th of December 2015, he had been using Kuoni for three trips now and everything was smooth and effortless. Another reviewer on the same day said:

“Absolutely defined what kind of holiday we wanted. Came up with the perfect solutions. Suggested the best resorts at a fair price. Reserved us in the best rooms in the resorts. Organised all our transportation between resorts and safari including a balloon flight across the Serengeti. My wife and I are looking forward to our wonderfully streamlined holiday, perfectly put together by Kuoni and which when I compare prices on the web they are competitive. I think we will always use Kuoni in future, it takes away the pain and anxiety and delivers what one want.”
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:                        www.kuoni.co.uk
  • Contact number:                   130 674 0888
  • Contact Email:                      customer@kuoni.co.uk
  • Fax Number:                         020 7723 3449
  • Head Office Address:           Kuoni House Deepdene Avenue Dorking Surrey RH5 4AZ

I am impressed with Kuoni. The travel organization had created a nice reputation to its loyal customers. Just so you know, Kuoni is focused on assisting customers with their travelling needs and not like other travel sites that just basically do the search-compare process. This is their own way of providing help, which is not modernized yet highly recommended.



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  1. This reminds me of a review on a travel review site. Anyway, I prefer using Hipmunk, Flight Hub and Expedia more than Kuoni. But awesome review. I bookmarked your awesome site. Keep the awesomeness to the maximum!


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