LAN Airlines Reviews

LAN Airlines Reviews

A successful airline with continuous growth? That’s LAN Airlines. Before and after the merge, let us discover the Latin American way of service with this Chilean airline.

LAN Airlines Reviews-Arturo Merino Benítez
Arturo Merino Benítez

The airline is based in Santiago, Chile, with its primary hub at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport. also known as Santiago International Airport. LAN Airlines, which actually means “Línea Aérea Nacional” traces its roots back to 1939 and was the national airline of Chile until its privatization. The founder was Mr. Arturo Merino Benitez who was also the inspiration of the name of the country’s biggest airport.

The growth of LAN was rapid that in 1995 they took over Landeco, Chile’s second airline, and they merged with FasAir in 1998. It was in 2004 that the name was officially changed to “LAN”.

The Chief Executive Officer of LAN Airlines, Mr. Enrique Cueto, is a 56-year-old Latin American airline industry visionary who is also the Executive Director of LATAM Airlines Group.

What is LATAM Airlines Group? Well, apparently, in August 2010, LAN Airlines signed a non-binding agreement with Brazilian airline TAM Airlines to merge. LAN Airlines currently has a fleet size of 150 Airbus and Boeing aircraft which cater air services to over 66 destinations (international, domestic, and seasonal). The merged airline known as LATAM Airlines is now in alliance with Oneworld.
LAN Airlines Reviews-aircraftOn August 11, 2014, LAN Airlines received the award for “South America’s Leading Airline” at the World Travel Awards and they had received the same award in 2013.

In-flight Services

LAN Airlines Reviews-inflightLAN Airlines wants to educate potential customers and frequent flyers on how it’s like to fly with them. Travellers have the option to experience their inflight feeling even by just checking their official website. This online feature, called Live the LAN 360° Experience, is a virtual tour inside their aircraft. The cabin classes in this airlines are categorized into Premium Business, Premium Economy and Economy.

Seatback TV is the airline’s in-flight entertainment while they serve various choices of Chilean cuisine and Western cuisine using real glass and ceramic dishes. Dietary or Special meals are also offered to customers who are vegetarian, on a diet plan, diabetic, children and kosher meals.

The airlines make sure customers receive the utmost care needed especially travellers in need of special assistance, such as: pregnant women, with an infant, people with disabilities and minorities.

LATAM PassLANPASS was the airline’s frequent flyer program. But. since the official site was directed to one new page, they are now under LATAM Pass. Customers are entitled to receive KMS every time they fly with LAN, TAM, or other airlines with a Oneworld alliance. KMS can be redeemed to benefits like flights with airlines in alliance with Oneworld, cabin upgrade, seat selection, kilometer bonus and check-in/baggage priority. To see more, click here.

PC and Mobile Services

As we mentioned above and it’s not quite noticeable but LAN Airlines had already updated their official website. The old one shows just a team=up with TAM Airlines. The difference with the new one, is both LAN and TAM Airlines use one official website showing “LATAM” (the new merge logo).
LAN Airlines Reviews-page
LATAM Airlines has a mobile app and it’s now available in iOS and Android. This travel app provides customers services like: check-in online, check flight status, seat selection, travel information and electronic boarding pass. 
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LAN Airlines Reviews of Passengers

According to 323 LAN Airlines reviews, the airline had garnered an overall score of a 6/10 rating on Skytrax. Reviewers are loving the cabin interior of the airline. It is quite noticeable that most of the feedback of passengers are acknowledging the flight attendants or crew as being friendly, professional, and attentive. But most importantly, even if the rating was just a little above average, the comments are more than the given numbers. One reviewer even said that he dreamt of flying with a dreamliner and LAN made it possible last April 11 2016. He would definitely recommend LAN Airlines to his friends.

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:     
  • Contact Number:         1-866-435-9526
  • Contact Email:   
  • Fax Number:                56-2-25658764
  • Head Office Address: Americo Vespucio 901, Comua de Renca, 8660360
                                            Santiago, Chile (LAN Airlines)


Have you ever tried to look and read as well into other LAN Airlines reviews? I did. That’s why I got interested in making one and sharing it with you. Well, here are my final thoughts. I never thought of this airline’s growth; really, you cannot judge the book by its cover. However, they can’t be perfect but as we can see, they keep upgrading to make up with their mistakes.

Have you flown with LAN Airlines? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. I travelled from Auckland to Santiago. It was a 12 hrs flight and I received only one meal. No offer of refreshments throughout the flight. All these to arrive in Santiago and find out that my connecting flight to Lima was cancelled. I paid a lot of money and expected good service. Lan did not provide it.


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