One of the hardest things in a traveler’s life is booking a last minute flight for a very important business meeting. It’s true that several airlines in the world offer last-minute flights, but sometimes time isn’t on your side. Expensive airfares, longer routes and fully booked flights are the risks of booking at the last minute.

It’s a good thing that some travel agencies, like, help travelers book at the last minute through their travel deals.

Beginnings and Present

aspect (3)Lady Lane-Fox and Brent Hoberman founded the company in April, 1998. Hoberman was the CEO until Travelocity bought the company in 2005. He resigned as CEO and Matthew Crummack took over in his stead.

Can you guess the main travel product of Pretty sure you got that right, it’s last minute flight bookings.

The company was sold to Bravofly Rumbo for $120 million in 2014. added more travel products on their operations like hotel deals, restaurant reservations, theatre tickets, spa treatments, and holiday packages.

The Middleman operation serves as the middleman connecting travel products provided by travel companies, like airlines and hotels, to travelers. (the website) is pretty standard for travel sites. However, despite being standard, the website is actually hard to navigate. Travelers can do their bookings at the homepage or by calling customer support. As a suggestion, it’s easier to book online because you can check-in and manage your bookings through the website.

The company focuses on providing leisure travel packages with their set of tours, activities, attractions, and restaurants. They also provide information about the latest festivals and celebrations happening around the world.

It’s pretty impressive how extensive and flexible’s operation is.

Customer Service

Their email service sends out newsletters to subscribers regarding their latest travel deal offers. Their customer support is available for booking consultations and customer assistance. Customers can also submit their feedback about the company’s service through this channel.

Help Page

HlPGEcVTheir Help Page on the FAQs is filled with information from general specific specific concerns regarding their policies and how travelers can process travel deals.

Criticism and Recognition got a 1.3 out of a 5-star rating on Most of the online reviews rated the company as terrible. One patron shared his experience with and it’s totally ridiculous. The patron was able to finalize everything, including payments; however, when he received a confirmation in his email, his last name was spelled wrong.

The company promise to fix it and assured him that he has nothing to worry about. On the day of his flight, Lastminute demanded the patron to cancel his flight and rebook for a more expensive flight deal.

Most of the online reviews on advised travelers to stay away from

Things are different on, the company got a 7.5 out of a 10-star rating. Their customer service received a lot of good reviews for being attentive and reliable. During the time this article was written, the company received a lot of bad reviews despite the good rating and most of the positive reviews compliment the company’s customer support.

Customers also appreciated the cheap deals they got. Nevertheless to sum it all up, negative reviews overwhelmingly beat the positive ones.

Conclusion needs to focus on improving their credibility when it came to selling their deals. Not really sure, but maybe it’s a good idea for the company to focus on fewer travel products for gain momentum. Consistency is also needed for positive reviews to keep coming.

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