London Heathrow Airport Reviews

London Heathrow Airport Reviews

Pride and PrejudiceThe place of large cities and popular tourist attractions, where famous people were born like Benedict Cumberbatch, Prince William, Matthew Macfadyen, Keira Knightley, and philosopher Thomas More. One of the most widely-read writers in English literature based her works in London: the most famous Pride and Prejudice where Keira Knightley played the role of Elizabeth Bennett and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy. Join me as I unfold the beauty of London and its major international airport: London Heathrow Airport (LHR).

London Heathrow Airport was founded in 1929 at the Great West Aerodrome located on land southeast of Heathrow. Terminal 1’s location used to be a “Heathrow Farm” of market gardens, farms, and orchards. The development of the airport was focused in 1944; when it was almost done, World War II had ended. It opened as London Airport in 1946, but was renamed to Heathrow Airport in 1966.


insideRestrooms: Toilets are located throughout the 5 terminals of LHR. They also have unisex wheelchair-accessible toilets available. In Terminal 2, Level 5, toilets are located on both sides of the check-in and departure area. Terminal 3 has a total of 4 restrooms located in it: 2 in the check-in area, 1 in the departure lounge, and 1 in the arrivals area opposite carousels 4 and 9. To see more about these toilet locations, click here.

The same goes with the Information desks: they are also located throughout the airport. In T2, there are 2 restrooms located in both entrances and exit from Security, and a help point in T2B. In T3, on Level 1, there are 3 toilets in the check-in area, 4 in the departure lounge, and a help point in the baggage reclaim area. In T4, there is a total of 6 restrooms in the departure lounge concourse, 1 near the chauffeur services, and a help point in the baggage reclaim. For food and beverage and shopping stores in each terminal:

  • Terminal 1: Closed.
  • Terminal 2: 4 food and beverage establishments and 19 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 3: 6 food and beverage establishments and 46 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 4: 4 food and beverage establishments and 42 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 5: 8 food and beverage establishments and 39 shopping stalls.

establishmentsStay connected with the free WiFi at London Heathrow Airport; to get connected, just choose “_Heathrow Wi-Fi,” then follow the on-screen instructions. Consumption of WiFi will be free as long as you’re in LHR. Another option to get connected is through their Internet Desks, wherein computer desks have free broadband access, which are located in every terminal; and, it’s operated by Arqiva.


The fastest way to travel into Central London is by Heathrow Express; trains leave every 15 minutes and the journey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to London Paddington. The train to Heathrow Airport is around 5 am until 11:55 pm. This is not the only way to get to LHR. The customer can travel via London Underground (50-60 minutes), Heathrow Connect (30 minutes), National Express coach (40-80 minutes), Feltham rail link (40 minutes), and Taxi (an hour).

Location – Traffic – Service

LHR is located 14 miles west of central London, near the south end of the London Borough of Hillingdon. The location of the airport is surrounded by the areas of Harmondsworth, Harlington, Cranford, and Longford. It falls under the Hounslow post town in the TW postcode area. The busiest airport in the United Kingdom has 2 runways (Southern and Northern), and is planning a third.
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In 2014, the annual air transport movements were reported to be 472,802 with a daily average of 1,290. LHR handled a record 73.4 million passengers, which proves a 1.4 percent increase from the previous year. British Airways uses London Heathrow Airport as its primary hub, though 80 other airlines are servicing their flights at LHR. The destinations that the airport serves are, on average, 185 from 84 countries worldwide with 5 non-stop destinations in New York, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, and Frankfurt.

Airport/Terminal Map
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London Heathrow Airport Reviews and News

London Heathrow Airport reviews are not showing positive, for the London international airport got an overall score of 4 out 10 based on 1,205 London Heathrow Airport reviews. This was rooted from some customers complaining about the lack of facilities, unfriendly staff, and they even stated that their overall experience was pure chaos. However, not all feedback are negative. Some had appreciated the airport’s organized security, generous shopping and food stores, and spacious terminals.

The expansion plan for a third runway was again further delayed until the summer of next year. Because, research on the environment needed ample time. The decision was previously promised by the end of this year. The 58-year-old British Conservative Party politician, Patrick McLoughlin, said, “The case for aviation expansion is clear一but it’s vitally important we get the decision right so that it will benefit generations to come.” To see the current news and be updated, click here.
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Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:           LHR
  • Phone number:       +44 844 335 1801
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                   Greater London TW6, United Kingdom


Just so you know, not only London Heathrow Airport reviews prove that the airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe by passenger traffic and the fifth-busiest airport in the world. LHR is ranked the 8th spot on The World’s Top 100 Airports of 2015 according to Skytrax’s World Airport Awards.

This review itself is not enough to narrate every achievement and growth that LHR had worked on for more than 8 decades. Have you been to London Heathrow Airport? Feel free to share your story below.


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  1. Terminal 2 a nightmare. Uncomfortable to use departures on level 5 accessible only by lifts if you have baggage. Then a walk in icy blast across an exposed area open to the elements. Self check-in a shambles. Walked forever to get to gate. I will fly from a regional airport next time and transit somewhere comfortable like Schipol or Zurich or Dubai.


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