LowFares Reviews

LowFares Reviews

“Fun. Adventure. Relaxation. Whatever the reason for travel, LowFares gets you where you want to go.” Come and join me to relax and have an adventure with LowFares and let’s have fun knowing where they will take us.

LowFares to be with Oversee

The founder and president of LowFares since May 2002 until 2007, Mr. Joshua Lippiner, is a 39-year old gentleman entrepreneur focused on the happiness of others and known in Forbes as “Inefficiencies Worst Nightmare”. Lowfares was sold to be part of Oversee in 2007.
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LowFares is an online travel search engine in which they team up with the leading online travel agencies on the web to provide their customers a more precise searching in one site. However, based on what we noticed while navigating LowFares, it seems they are not actually teaming up with these major sites, but they are using them for their own benefit.

How the Page Works

LowFares page looks calm with its city night lights background image. However, as I refreshed the page I’ve noticed the background is changing to different tourist attractions in New York focused on a night view. The page features let customers book flights either one-way or round-trip, reserve hotels and even rent car  services. These services will allow customers to select from other online travel agencies by checking the box next to the other travel search engine names; when you hit search flights, it will give results from the selected or checked online travel agencies.
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This process is commonly used by travel sites, but this has been considered as the most fraudulent act a travel company can do. What I mean is, the effort actually goes to the travel site they used to get the relative result since they are not making the effort of making the particular booking price in the first place.

LowFares displays how many people are currently browsing their page as of the moment. To be honest, we don’t find this accurate. It looks deceiving to lure customers to think LowFares has a massive number of visitors.

LowFares Reviews of Consumers

According to others, LowFares is a scam.  An open forum which is now being the word of mouth brought an infamous status to LowFares. A report by Mark Monitor, a reliable security type corporation, said that this site was being a cybersquatter. One recent review even said “Bad site. I had one annoyance factor. Annoyance factor means it reduces harm but increases annoyance, such a joke program or what if doesn’t seem. Detected: Cybersquatting.”

Other LowFares reviews are also complaining about the results’ inefficiency and inaccurate details about their booking. This has lead LowFares to its current standing now: not being recommended and not being trusted.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      www.lowfares.com
  • Contact Email:                    lowfares@e.lowfares
  • Head Office Address:         550 S. Hope Street, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90071

LowFares Reviews-stay awayTo Sum it Up

Judging through LowFares reviews, this travel site meta search engine just uses others to gain recognition of their own, this caused a lot of suspicion and doubt. This has always been the reason why LowFares doesn’t sound new to me and why some travellers never used LowFares. Now, we are still wondering what’s the reason why Joshua just sold it to Oversee after 5 years. What’s your opinion about it? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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  1. A simple trip turns into hours of frustration. The website is terrible, very terrible as must say and the customer service is the worst of all I encountered–not even close to helpful. You can have the trip you want as long as it’s what they want to have–a booking not in our favor but theirs.


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