Lufthansa Reviews

Lufthansa Reviews

​Germany is known for its contribution to the automotive industry, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Audi are all German brands. Let us all see how they are performing when it comes to aerial services. Lufthansa was their flag carrier for 9 decades. Join me as we know how it is to fly with Lufthansa.

Origins and Ownership

The joint force of Deutscher Aero Lloyd and Junkers Luftverkehr traces the roots of Lufthansa back to January 6, 1926, when they founded “Deutsche Lufthansa AG” in Berlin. DLH was known to be the national carrier of Germany till 1945 after the defeat of Germany from the war. However that didn’t stop the Germans, they created a new national airline called Aktiengesellschaft für Luftverkehrsbedarf (Luftag) on the 6th of January 1953 and most of the staff are from DLH. After a year, Luftag used the name of DLH and their logo, that on the 1st of April 1955 was the first inaugural flight of the airline by the name “Lufthansa”.

Now, Lufthansa is still the flag carrier of Germany and is also the largest airline in Europe headquartered at Frankfurt and Munich Airport. The current fleet size of 271 serves 220 destinations worldwide and they have been a member of Star Alliance since October 28, 1990. The CEO of the airline, Mr. Carsten Spohr, is a 49-year old German industrial engineer.
Lufthansa Reviews-Carsten SpohrIn this year, Lufthansa had won five awards at World Airline Awards for “Best Airline Staff in Europe”, Best Business Class OnBoard Catering”, “Best Airline Transatlantic”, “World’s Best First Class Airline Lounge” and “Best Airline in Western Europe”. Prior to that Lufthansa keeps getting nominated since 2002 as “World’s Leading Airline” and “Europe’s Leading Airline”

Lufthansa On Board Services

Like any ordinary airlines, Lufthansa has four cabin classes categorized to Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First class. All of these cabin classes have an inflight connectivity called FlyNet, wherein travelers can use their personal electronic device to access Lufthansa’s onboard wifi. Another way to keep their customers entertained is their in-seat entertainment system with an extensive range of movies, music, and games
Lufthansa Reviews-onboard
The difference of Economy and Premium Economy class depends on the short or long haul flights, wherein passengers are served with complimentary yet palatable meals and beverages. While with Business and First Class, it depends on the passenger’s privacy discretion, in which customers are served with famous German dishes or meals prepared by experienced chefs internationally with a choice of beverage.

The Official Website and Mobile App

I am really surprised with how the official website looks like, it’s clean and well organized. The flashing images are showing the airline’s services and latest deals. The right hand shows options for travelers to search and book flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. What really caught my attention was the topmost white bar showing the Current travel information, wherein customers can know the latest news and updates by the airline.
Lufthansa Reviews-page
The sub-functions of the page let travelers check-in online, manage their booking, check flight status, and access information like the airline’s policies, services and frequent flyer program Miles & More. The later part of the official website gives more inspiration for customers to learn more about tourist attractions worldwide and/or by clicking their social media accounts.
Lufthansa Reviews-mobile app
For customers who are more comfortable doing this via mobile phone, Lufthansa also has a mobile app version of these services. This travel app is getting an almost perfect 5 star rating by Apple and Google because the customers who had used this application are overwhelmed by its performance. Just like the website, the Lufthansa app lets customers book flights, manage their bookings, check flight status and mobile boarding passes even when customers are offline.

Lufthansa Reviews of Customers

The airline had gathered a total of 7/10 rating score by Skytrax from 785 Lufthansa reviews.  It evidently proves that Lufthansa keeps getting good and recommendation feedback from passengers. They were even considered as classy, elegant, impressive, friendly and accommodating. Those are just a few descriptions about the airline.

One reviewer even said he had a very pleasant experience with the new business class. Almost fully flat bed, very private, nice cushions and blanket, good amenities and entertainment.

He also mentioned that the food menu selection is fine, the meals are quite tasty. Regarding the staff, he commented them as very attentive and friendly.

He ended the review by mentioning that he’s not the type of person who is easily impressed but Lufthansa really goes way beyond his standards, through that he gave the airline a 10 out 10 rating according to
logoContact Information

  • Website URL:                   
  • Contact number:                       +49 69 86 799 799
  • Contact Email:                 
  • Fax Number:                             +49 69 696 4601
  • Head Office Address:                51147 Airport Cologne/Bonn, Germany

My Final Thoughts

After reading some ​Lufthansa reviews, I’m sure you’ll mostly agree with me that Lufthansa is one of the leading airlines, as shown obviously they are ranking 12th out of The World’s Top 100 Airlines in Skytrax. The slow but sure process of improvement was effective for them to gain this mass growth. It might have taken them decades but they are actually good at maintaining their standing.

Have you flown with Lufthansa? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. I exited the restroom to see the cart in the aisle, attendants serving drinks. I thought there may be another way to return to my seat without making the attendants move to the side. Before I could even ask the question, the male flight attendant very rudely snapped at me in front of everyone. I clarified the intent of my question but no acknowledgment was given. Another man was chastised for getting out of his seat while the seatbelt sign was on (when isn’t it?). Man was treated like a bad school boy.


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