Luxury Link Reviews

Luxury Link Reviews

The American online travel resource which connects travellers to different accommodations based on their preference was founded on July 1, 1997 by Diane McDavitt and James Kaplan. The mission of the company is to inspire or ignite the passion of a travel by providing a connection to world renowned travel accommodators such as hotels, resorts and vacation packages and offers.

Luxury Link Reviews-Scott Morrow
Scott Morrow

The current CEO of Luxury Link is Mr. Scott Morrow. He is an internet travel entrepreneur and veteran to travel business with 16 years experience, he also ran and ThisNext. In a 2013 interview, Mr. Morrow proudly said what makes Luxury Link different from other online travel agencies:

“At the core, we’re a marketplace, and we serve both consumers and help hoteliers. We also have train trips, river boat cruises, boat cruises, and safaris, all very broadly luxury vacation. On the consumer side, our biggest differentiator is the best pricing. The second, is we’re exclusively focused on the luxury space.

When you got to the big OTAs, and try to filter and sort through the glut of what is essentially a directory of every property out there in the world, it’s very time consuming. You are also getting reviews from travelers who might not be like minded as you.”

However, something terrible happened given its 20 year travel business experience. In this review, let me share you Luxury Link’s Pros and Cons.

Luxury Link looks very enticing for it displays a lot of 5 star hotels and tourist attractions or destinations. The main page consists of options to navigate from destinations, experiences and hotels collections. But if travelers have a specific destination, a direct search option or a search bar is accessible on the top left of the page next to the logo of the company. Scrolling down takes wanderlust to more top weekly bookings of consumers based on consumers.
After scanning through Luxury Link reviews, the company used to have a good reputation score to its consumers. However, the tables have turned and now, there are tons of complaints. Well, what rooted this negative comment was they recently shut down and what triggered the commotion was they left their customers hanging because the ceased operation in May 2015 was sudden and without prior notice. Customers were mad they felt scammed and what’s worst was no refund was compensated. To read the news from Travel Weekly, click the link:
Luxury Link Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                877-504-1271
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       310-975-1332
  • Head Office Address:        2307 West Broward Blvd, Suite 400 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, United States

Luxury Link sure had been a good company, but I still wonder what really happened? Why they suddenly closed down. The act of suddenly leaving their customers is not a good way to end a business. It is like the Captain just suddenly abandoned the ship instead of notifying “Abandon ship!”

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  1. I once used Luxury Link for my Travel itineraries and I am satisfied with my overall experience with this travel site. I will give them a 5/5 score for giving me a good price and good destination to date my wife.

  2. I wish they never name the travel site as luxury link, when in the first case they never provide luxurious services or first class accommodation. What I mean is not literally the facilites, but the service of the actual page is fraud. Stay away from this money-stealing company.


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