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Sometimes the approval of other people or a group determines your status in this world. Regarding individuals in a society, it is true that disregarding other people’s criticism is correct for self gain.

However in the travel industry, most of the times, what people say is what counts. Travel agencies can’t say “forget their complaints and their feedback, we’re gonna do things the same way.”

No, No, No.

With regard to this, established a list of the top 10 travel companies in India, MakeMyTrip claimed the 1st spot because according to the website “ has revolutionized the travel industry in India.”


MakeMyTrip was founded by Deep Kalra and Rajesh Magow in 2000 in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. The company was lead by Kalra as the company’s CEO since 2000. In August 2013, Kalra and Magow both held the post as co-CEOs. Kalra became the group CEO and focused on management and international connections of the company, while Magow was the CEO of India to keep the company stable from its roots.

Deep Kalra
Deep Kalra
Rajesh Magow
Rajesh Magow

Travel Products

The travel company promotes and sells travel products like flight deals, vacation packages, hotel reservations, bus and train rides as well. MakeMyTrip aims to nurture the idea of travel by providing cheap deals to give everyone the opportunity to travel.




Every single product they sell can be bought or reserved via their website,

A customer can easily enter his/her travel preferences and choose from one of the available flights. The travel expert team of MakeMyTrip assures to provide the cheapest deal possible by updating the website daily. Customers who have created an account on the website can manage their bookings like cancellation, view E-tickets, avail for refunds and more.

They also include travel tips in forms of feature articles to help travelers enjoy their experience fully and get additional information on hot deals for flights and hotels.

Customer Service

Their customer service is extensive. They allow cancellation, checking refund status, check flight status, E-ticket printing and more.

For customers with complaints and questions, they have a 24/7 customer support. An email service is allocated per travel product. They have one for flights, hotels, bus and rails. For more contact information click here.

For general questions, their FAQs page is more than enough.


Customer Satisfaction/Rating

Now, let’s see if online reviews agree with the positive feedback the company has been receiving from online articles and ranking.

This is a letdown, MakeMyTrip got a score of 1 out of a 5 star rating on Their cheap deals were complained for not being cheap at all. One fellow was surprised regarding the hotel deal he wanted. The price rate for the reservation cost Rs.3600. When he checked the price rate with the hotel’s phone reception, he found out that the original price is between Rs. 1500 to 2000.

Another customer spent days contacting MakeMyTrip to reschedule their flight due to his family being ill. He was able to provide all the medical certificate and rescheduling fee, but the process was so slow and he was being tossed from one phone representative to another.

On, a positive review was posted in 2012, up to now that very review receives a mix of negative and positive comments. Some say that MakeMyTrip’s flight deals are affordable and credible, while others say otherwise.


MakeMyTrip is without a doubt one of the best travel companies in India. The company is the recipient of the Best Travel Port India during the 2014 World Travel Awards. They were also the Favourite Online Travel Agent according to Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Award. These accolades are strong proof of the company’s great service in the industry.

MakeMyTrip’s contact information:


It seems that MakeMyTrip manages to outscore most of the travel agencies in India. But pretty sure things are about to change, MakeMyTrip needs to always be in track or other travel companies might take the lead.

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  1. MakeMyTrip is without a doubt the best in India, Yatra comes in second. I think the only problem makemytrip has is their poor customer service.


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