Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives Travel Guide

The sovereign island country of Maldives, where Islam is the central religion shelters the best fishermen and breathtaking beaches in this world. Amazing underwater reefs and country’s underwater life is also one of their best features.

The name Maldives was derived from the phrase “Maala Divaina,” meaning “Necklace Islands.”

Travelers seek luxury and self-reliance when travelling to Maldives, it is said that an individual’s ability to travel independently is enhanced when traveling to the Maldives.

Weather Conditions:

Weather condition can be a good friend or a bully. One thing that amplifies the mood is the natural climate. Things would be a lot better if you were friends with the mutant called, Storm, the one who can influence the weather the way she likes it.

Maldives weather is heavily affected by the large landmass of South Asia directed to the north. The country annually experiences two seasons, the dry season (November to April) and the wet season (May to October). The average temperature during the dry season ranges from 25-29 degrees Celsius associated with the northeastern monsoon. The wet season starts in May through October bringing raging winds and storms with an average of 26-27 degrees Celsius.

To determine the perfect date or month to visit Maldives depends on the observation of their daily weather condition and seasonal climate, so do your research first, no need to hire a weatherman for that.

Temporary home in Maldives

Most of the resorts in Maldives expresses luxury and comfort.

Six Senses Laamu

Don’t worry this resort is not inspired from the scary movie, The Sixth Sense, wherein people see paranormal entities. The resort villas are surrounded by the beach, so guests can enjoy the blissful sound of the current, what if there’s a storm? Anyways the activities provided by the hotel are full of fun and comfort. A yoga meditation center, gym, outdoor cinema, swimming pools and restaurants offering different kinds of cuisines.

Asseyri Tourist Inn

If you’re looking for something plain and convenient, then this place is perfect for you. This Inn is managed by a local couple who aims to provide the simplest and efficient services as possible. The rooms has a wooden interior with the beds slung-low and the window view offers the elegance of the outdoor garden.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

One of the most exclusive and visited resorts and spas in Maldives, this magnificent destination is surrounded by a lagoon with clear blue water and variety of tropical plants. Their authentic, Jiva Grande Spa from India offers the best relaxing experience to travelers.

Activities & Outdoor Adventures:

Maldives is famous for its unique resorts and beaches, since the country is located near the equator, sunshine is present most of the time, even during the rainy season. One more feature is their underwater scenery of a rich ecosystem of fish, corals and other water-based creatures. See that, diving is active in this country, probably another theory for Maldives entymology.


Here is a list of “must-do or must visit” activities and destinations during your stay in Maldives.

LocationDestinations/ActivitiesHours of Operation
Sultan Park, MaleNational Museum8AM - 6PM (Sun - Sat)
Huvandhumaa Higun, Commercial Unit B-1-03, Hulhumale 23052Secret Paradise - Day Tours8AM - 6PM (Sun - Sat)
Ahigas Magu, Lot No: 10406, HulhumaleOasis Dive Club Maldives
Bay View, Dhigurah, 00070Island Divers
Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa,North Male Atoll, 08240Extreme Maldives Water Sports

There are more activities to engage to, click here for more information.

Tourist Attractions:

Maldive Victory

On February 13th, 1981 (friday the thirteenth), the MV Maldive Victory ship sank which resulted to the greatest tourist attraction in the country. Travelers dive to see the wreck of the 270-foot freighter.

Maldive Victory

Tsunami Monument

Designed by Ibrahim Nashim, this memorial is made up of One Hundred And Eight Stainless Steel Rods to pay tribute to the number of people who died during the tragedy. Each rod has a different size to signify the difference in age of the victims.

Tsunami Monument

Grand Friday Mosque

Located in Medhuziyaarai Magu, Male, this place is said to be a great place to pray for the religion of Islam.  Thousands of travelers and devotees visited the mosque to pray and see its unique architectural design. One traveler described the Mosque to be “super-imposing and awesome.” Cool.

Grand Friday Mosque

Ramadan and Kula-eid Festival

Since Islam is the biggest religion in Maldives, the people honor their religion by fasting for 30 days during the ninth month in the Muslim Calendar.

To signal the end of Ramadan, Kula-eid is a celebration to honor the religion of Islam and everything it stands for. The celebration starts with men and women gathering to pray and then heading home to share an authentic home made-meal with their family and friends.

Kuda eid is the first day of the Shawaal Month, the celebration lasts for three days.


Thila Restaurant

Located in North Male’ Atoll, Kurumba Maldives, 08340, Thila is known to be a perfect spot for couples to dine and enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean. Their gastronomic cuisine is truly high-end and cooked to perfection. For love birds out there, this place is perfect for you.


Shell Beans

The vintage look of this restaurant in the Hulhumale island attracts customers and the food is what makes the customers stay. Most of the reviews on Tripadvisor say that they serve a great coffee and a set of delicious meals and shakes. The price rates for each item on their menu is very affordable and sure to provide satisfaction.


For more information, here is Maldives’ tourism contact information

  • City Website URL:
  • Contact number: +(960) 332 3228
  • Social Media accounts:
  • Facebook -/visitmaldives
  • Twitter – /visitmaldives
  • Instagram – /visitmaldives


One can’t say Maldives provides the ultimate luxury, but the features of the island country is consistent when it comes to providing tourism services to travelers. Hope everyone reading this Maldives travel guide had a great time, don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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