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Travel industries are operated by analytical individuals who possess certain knowledge about the travel industry, statistics and information technology. These are the set of skills and information you need to survive in the travel industry.

Momondo in Denmark is an independent subsidiary of Cheapflights Media Ltd now called the Momondo Group. They started out as a flight-only search engine, now they’re a worldwide meta search engine for flights, hotels and other travel deals.

Momondo is one of the elites in the travel industry like, and, all worldwide travel service providers.


Momondo was initially launched in 2006, the company re-launched in 2007 with their travel services expanded.

The company was founded by Thorvald Stigsen, a Danish programmer and mathematician. His ambition was to provide travel services worldwide and it looks like he was able to do just that with his team.

22/5/13 Picture by Ashley Bingham. Picture taken for Cheap Flights.Momondo Group’s CEO Hugo Burge is also the current CEO of Momondo these days. He started his affiliation with the group as part of the investor team.



Main Operation

Other than promoting flight deals, hotel reservations and car rentals, the company has a price comparison setting to help travelers choose the best and most affordable deals.

jlDJvopTheir website provides it all. Flight deals, hotel deals, car rentals, destination activities and everything you can include in your itinerary. Customers can navigate their way on the website easily; enter your travel preferences and deals appear.

On the footer of the homepage, they provide hotel deals with their price rates and hotel room information. The website also presents a gallery of their popular destinations.

Their website is available in several language like French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese etc.

For the interface design, simple and appealing, the web designers really did a great job for the appearance.

Mobile Application

mYkRXGwWith their own application, customers have access to billions of travel deals through their smartphones. The app also comes in handy in navigating your location and hotels nearby.



Customer Service and Updates

Travelers can submit their email address to the website so they can receive notifications for latest deals.  For sales and enquiries they have a phone support and email support.

To provide general information easily to customers, the website has it’s own Q & A page for frequently asked questions with useful information regarding Momondo’s operation and policy.

What People are Saying

t7xdgvhAccording to online reviews, Momondo is doing an amazing job. The company got a 9 out of 10 star rating on Most of the reviews gave the Momondo a 5 star rating. Their price comparison tool fulfilled its main function because most customers got the best deals possible. “Very nice, excellent and amazing,” these are just some of the words used to describe the service provided by Momondo.

One patron said “Momondo has got the world’s best offers.” Impressive.

Of course there were negative reviews submitted, some of them targeted the websites’ glitches and technical errors.

But all in all, Momondo is in the right track.


Momondo started out as an independent search engine, now they’re one of the most successful metasearch engines in the industry. The company was also nominated for 3 straight years for the award of World’s leading flight comparison website and World’s leading hotel comparison website. Unfortunately they were only nominated; however, prestigious media companies  like CNN and the New York Times recognized Momondo.

Contact information:

  • Contact No:  +45 3337 8080
  • Email Address:
  • Main office: Amagertorv 19  DK-1160 Copenhagen K Denmark

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  1. To be honest, I won’t consider dealing with Momondo. They’re not really credible with some of their flights and I dont want to stay on hold for hours (again). Never again


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