Mystifying Natural Phenomena

There are some things in this world that can’t be explained, it’s not that bad actually. Wonder and questions provide more sparks in our life. Science has been providing accurate observations about phenomena for years to help humanity comprehend natural factors more.

People are amazed by things they see or experience for the first time. But there are several things or destinations in this world that would leave a man breathless every time.

Here are some of the most brilliant phenomena of nature that have captivated people  for thousands of years.

Aurora Borealis

giphy (1)The collision of gaseous particles from the Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles released from the sun causes the production of pale green or pink lights. The lights appear like a lifestream flowing and dancing in the night sky. There are only few countries to witness this phenomenon including Norway, Greenland and Siberia.

Sardine Run

tumblr_n08wnfSTyk1sayrevo1_540Billions of sardines swim along the coast of Africa. The sardines can form a large wall underwater or probably surround an entire whale.  Unfortunately, the sardines aren’t the only one hanging around the water, sharks and other vicious fish may attack the school of fish. If you ever stumble upon a sardine run, don’t try to catch some of them if you happen to witness the great run. 

The Great Blue Hole

Great-Blue-Hole_Aerial-view_3839People diagnosed with Thalassophobia probably shouldn’t visit this water-based destination. This massive submarine sinkhole is 124m deep, no one has ever fully explored the hole. The abyss underneath might lead to new discoveries but that stakes might be dangerous. It would be better if a submarine explores deeper and deeper the hole. Looking at it, the kraken might be hiding there.

Kingdom of Webs

australia-floods_051428-520x300Spider web is mostly hard to see because of translucent color and near invisible appearance. In Wagga Wagga, Australia the spiders come together and work together to cover most of the area with spiderweb. It’s like a haven of cobwebs, sounds like a destination for spiderman.

Abraham Lake

Jiroj-Amaralikit-980x653Canada is a country wherein cold is very active. The Abraham lake is filled with what seems to be bubbles when winter hits. Don’t be fooled, the entire area might appear amazing, but the bubbles contain an methane that may explode when exposed to air.


Door to Hell

o-DOORTOHELL1-facebookDon’t worry, no one has actually entered this door. In 1971, soviet drillers had an accident that scattered gas fire and the cavern has been burning ever since. Call it eternal bonfire if you will.


Seven Colored Earth

7-colour-earth-mauritius-iiLayers of colored sand adds a very unique attribute to the terrain. You might think that the place is photoshopped but no, the terrain actually has seven different colors. This is the result of lava turning into clay materials. Looks like something great came out from something really, really dangerous.



moonbowRainbow appears during the daylight. However in Zambia, over the Victoria Falls, the Moonbow takes form. A night version of Rainbow you might say. The appearance of this phenomenon is somehow rare, people who have actually seen it are very lucky to be a the right place at the right time.


Dirty Thunderstorms

Francisco-Negroni-fire-volcanoWhat is the worst thing you can think off right now? Well after reading about dirty thunderstorms, nothing worse comes to mind. Volcanic plumes sometimes produce lightning that results in the weather phenomenon of dirty and nasty thunderstorms.


Snow Donuts

tumblr_nkau9fSwRd1spdt2jo1_540This is not man-made and only the perfect natural settings can result in the adorable and not-edible snow donuts. The donuts only form when the temperature of coldness is perfect and the wind blows them in the right direction to blow away the unnecessary snow in the donut, meaning the middle part.

Believe it or not, these things exist. Nature really has a very mysterious way of providing amusement to humanity. If you are still in doubt about the existence of these phenomena why not travel and see for yourself? Truly nature’s miracle.

Hope you guys are amazed and got a sudden urge to travel after reading this article. Feel free to leave your comments below and enjoy travelling.


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