Nature Air Reviews

Nature Air Reviews

Nature Air Reviews-Alex Khajavi
Alex Khajavi

Nature Air was established in 1990 as Travel Air by a tourism company called Naturegate. In 2000, the airline was rebranded together with Costa Rican aviation experts to “Nature Air” and, as early as 2004, they were already recognized as the first Carbon Neutral by a government-certified program. The Costa Rican airline is led by their founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alex Khajavi. He once said:

“The success of the company’s performance can be attributed to numerous factors, including its commitment to environmental and social responsibility, its safety record and its reliability with a region leading 93 percent on-time-performance record for over four years.”

Nature Air’s base is at Juan Santamaria International Airport, and the airline has a total of 5 aircraft consisting of 2 DHC-6 Twin Otter, 2 Cessna 208B, and 1 Let L-410 which cater services to 13 domestic destinations and 2 international routes to Panama and Nicaragua. To view the airline’s mission, click here.

Flying with Nature Air

Their aircraft mostly carries 19 passengers on board towards their destination, and there are not much differences between Nature Air’s services and other small domestic carriers’ nowadays. Travelers are even happy with their overall flight experience with Nature Air. It’s a small aircraft, that the customer doesn’t and shouldn’t expect much out of it.

The Website

Their official website pretty much looks like an online travel agency’s, but the overall layout of the site was designed carefully to entice travelers to the beauty of Costa Rica. The site doesn’t only offer services to book flights, but also lets customers read their blog and see what’s trending in the world of travelling.
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Nature Air Reviews of Passengers

However, Nature Air reviews show a list of unsatisfied customers with their comments and feedback over hidden fees with Nature Air. This topic in Tripadvisor caught the attention of other consumers who defended the airline from the complaint.

The reviewer fought on the side of Nature Air when he commented,
“I think you have blown that situation all out of proportion. Nature Air is a small domestic carrier with small planes. Did you think that baggage would be unlimited? In fact, the Nature Air baggage policies are clearly written on the website. If someone chooses not to read them, whose fault is that?” And, this was just part of his long feedback against the complainant. In case you want to see the forum, click here.

And, on their site, they have a page for their listed testimonials from customers, see the page here.
Nature Air Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact number:          +506 2299 6000
  • Contact Email:    
  • Fax Number:                 +506 2220 0413
  • Head Office Address:   Hangar 25, Tobias Bolanos Airport, San Jose, Costa Rica


Based on several Nature Air reviews, the eco-friendly airline doesn’t have a bad reputation. It might have 2 reported incidents, but those are just minor cases without fatalities. The airline guarantees each flight to be accommodating, eco-friendly, and safe.

Just so you know, in 2013, they were honored with the “Robert Smith award for best airline operating in Costa Rica.” And, in 2015, they were nominated by World Travel Awards as the “World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company.”


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  1. I have flown Nature Air many times and I really like using this airline. The planes are new and the pilolts are very good. I use them everytime I need to fly while I am in Costa Rica.


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