Nerd’s and Geek’s Destinations

Nerds and geeks are people who lack the basic social skills most people possess, but their mental prowess is strong.

If you consider yourself a nerd or maybe a geek, then you’re in for a treat. There are several destinations around the world that will surely capture your attention because the things you feel passionate about are active and powerful over there.

Here are some of the nerdiest and geekiest travel destinations in Earth

Tokyo, Japan

One of the best, Tokyo, Japan. Other than their innovation in the field of science and  technology, Tokyo is a mecca for gaming companies and franchise, like Playstation and Pokemon. Several game arcades are scattered all over the city like Club Sega and Joypolis, you just have to know where to look. They also have the Suginami Animation Museum and Tokyo Animation Center. Also don’t forget about the Comiket grand fair of manga.


McMurdo Station, Antartica

This place is home to brilliant minds with a certain affection for the science and technical world. McMurdo is a research center under the United States Antarctic Program. The place may can be extremely cold and reaches up to -31.8°C, but this place will truly enhance all aspiring minds out there.


Tonggariro National Park, New Zealand

This place doesn’t actually have any facilities or infrastructure for gaming or learning. However, the important thing to consider is that this place has been a setting for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Think about the significance of this place for the fans of the movie franchise.


California, USA

Google headquarters, Silicon Valley, NASA Ames research center and Comic-con, truly one of the best places to let your inner nerd and geek unleash. Not to mention awesome gaming arcades for vintage video games. Also, Sacramento city is the 4th nerdiest city in America and San Jose city taking 9th place. Another one is the Palomar Observatory where the Hale Telescope operates.


Star Wars set, Tunisia, South Africa

Just like Lord of the Rings and StarTrek, the Star Wars epic and out of this world opera franchise provided an enormous amount of happiness and inspiration not only for nerds and geeks. A lot of Star Wars scenes including some tatooine scenes and lightsabre duels. History was made in this destination, why not bring your Star Wars costume and lightsaber for a photoshoot.


Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois

Natural Phenomenons and elements like tornados, fire and lighting are brought to life using science for demonstration. Awesome experiments like creating gas, making circuit boards, electric motors and more are included. Truly a paradise for individuals who want to understand the universe more deeply and gain the most important facts about life.


Maison d’Ailleurs in Switzerland

Take a glimpse to the future and comprehend world evolution by visiting the Maison d’Ailleurs science fiction museum. This museum preserves the greatest findings and records not only for science but for arts as well. Facts about utopia, space travel and what the world would be like in the far future are presented through books, art pieces and toys.


Nerds and Geeks are brilliant people who established a certain relationship towards science, anime, video games, astronomy, technology, cosplay and more. There’s nothing wrong with that, because believe it or not, normal people are going to love the things and interest nerds and geeks feel passionate about.

So once again, for the nerds and the geeks out there, the social skills you lack may be a hindrance, but you can overcome those struggles if you engage on adventures that leads to Nirvana.


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