Nordavia Reviews

Nordavia Reviews

Nordavia was established in 1963 and was initially known as “Arkhangelsk United Aviation Squadron” and wasb changed to “AVL Arkhangelsk Airlines” in 1991. However, in 2004, 51% of the airline was acquired by Aeroflot which left 49% to Aviainvest and was once again rebranded to “Aeroflot-Nord” and operated as a regional airline under Aeroflot. Things got tough with Aeroflot that it ceased operations on December 2009, which made a way for the regional airline to operate independently as “Nordavia”

Nordavia Reviews-Parent CompanyHowever, due to the bad reputation and debts left by Aeroflot, they sold Nordavia’s ownership by $7 million to Norilsk Nickel and later decided to merge with Taimyr Air Company. Now, based on reports and statistics, the regional airline carries over million of passengers annually and has a total of 9 aircraft serving 21 destinations including 1 international destination to Norway.

Nordavia Services

The Russian regional airline caters two kinds of services: Economy and Business class. Both classes are carefully designed and organized to fulfill and guarantee traveler’s satisfaction. Economy class travelers are served with complimentary meals including juice and non-alcoholic drinks depending on the flight route and duration. To keep them entertained on board, newspapers and magazines are offered to be read.
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Business class travelers get the priority services such as check-in, access to business lounge, free 10kg baggage allowance and extra room-space in their cabin assignment. But this doesn’t mean that Economy class passengers are left out or unappreciated. Nordavia practices fair treatment to all of their passengers.

The Website

To be honest, at first when I saw the page of Nordavia, I thought it’s a regional airline for Iceland because of the frosty and snowish layout design of the official website. But as I noticed, the snowflakes are their way to express the yuletide feeling. Nordavia main feature is “Book and buy” where customers can search for their preferred airfare and compare with other results. On the website, travelers can also check-in online, check flight status and information and even manage their booking.
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Nordavia Reviews of Customers

After reading several Nordavia reviews, I am actually not surprised that the airline is getting a good and/or positive feedback from its consumers. Based on Skytrax’s, a reviewer was happy with the overall experience that he gave the airline a 7/10 rating apart from the high price. He actually said:

“Fast and easy check-in and boarding. Decently comfortable and rapid security check. Aircraft (Antonov 24) has seen better days but was OK for a short flight. Cabin crew polite and professional. Got served drinks on the first leg to Murmansk then snacks (selection of meats with bread and pickles) on the way from Murmansk to Tromso. Departure and arrival according to the timetable. Luggage arrived OK. Overall experience – fine apart from the high price.” For reference:
Nordavia Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:              +7 800 200 0055
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                     +7 8182 218 855
  • Head Office Address:       Arkhangelsk Airport, Arkhangelsk, 163053, Russia


The airline’s overall rating for me is actually ⅘. Well, personally I love Nordavia. I once flew with them and it was easy for me to write a review about this airline. I hope that one day I would see their name on the list of international airline giants. Kudos to a regional airline that serves passengers like first class travellers.

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  1. This airline came highly recommended by friends and I think they must have flown a different airline to me. I recently had 4 international flights with Nordavia, all of which were late for takeoff,. My expectation is that flights takeoff on time and an occasional late takeoff is acceptable. But having all 4 flights delayed? That’s absurd.


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