Oddest Destinations in the World

Oddest Destinations in the World

We travel and visit places around the world, which are appealing to our sight. Calm trees, stunning scenery and relaxing destinations for your ultimate escapade. But did it ever cross your mind to wonder, if there’s a list of famous, world-renowned, most visited and beautiful destinations in the world, then there’s also the “Oddest Destinations in the World”. In this article, we will share the not so appealing, sometimes referred to as appalling destinations in the world. Be inspired, awed and educated altogether while reading this:

Oddest Destinations in the World-Door To Hell1. Door To Hell

From the name itself, it’s going to be a hellish fire scenery, but you won’t be burned. You just have to be careful while at this most-visited destination in Turkey. Some tourists don’t know the consequences of their action. Door To Hell is actually “the Crater of Fire” or Darvaza Crater which is a natural gas field collapsed into an underground cavern in 1971 and has been burning up to the present (a total of 45 years now). Locals referred the fire as boiling mud and orange flames in the large crater, which has a diameter of 70 metres (230 ft) or with the total area of 5,350 m2.

Even the president of Turkmenistan in 2010 had ordered that the hole should be closed not from fear of hell but actually from its influence on the development of other natural gas fields in the area.

2. Mount Roraima

Oddest Destinations in the World-Mount RoraimaThis mountain is located on the junction of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. And yes, all the borders of these three countries meet on top of Mount Roraima. As the image shows, the mountain is known for its prehistoric beauty and was even the source of inspiration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for his “The Lost World” a 1912 novel of Sherlock Holmes, which mainly focuses on the interactions between dinosaurs and people.If this image looks a bit familiar, it is because of Carl Fredricksen and his ultimate search of the Beast of Paradise Falls by flying his house with a lot balloons. Yes, the movie “Up” (2009) Paradise Falls is actually the Mountain Roraima.

Oddest Destinations in the World-Varosha3. Varosha

Let’s get to Cyprus where a completely uninhabited resort city coast is located and known nowadays as a ghost town of the southern section of Famagusta. It was said that Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot had visited this town when it was still operational and the hotel known as “Argo Hotel” was Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite.

What happened to the town? There’s a story behind it.  It was actually abandoned after the Turkish invasion. Today, Varosha stands frozen displaying exactly how life was in 1974. At first, we were actually deceived from a far view that it looks like a bustling resort town. But the town is completely dead.

4. Oradour-sur-Glane

Oddest Destinations in the World-Oradour-sur-GlaneWe are not done with abandoned places yet. Well, this next destination will give you the World War II feels and the cruel Hitler years. We are now talking about a small village in France that was decimated by the Nazis. The entire city was burned and almost every inhabitant was executed on June 10, 1944. What was his reason for this abomination? It was to avenge death of a German officer at the hands of French Resistance. This atrocity was infamously known as “Oradour-sur-Glane massacre”. The remnants of the village still stand today, while the French government had maintained the place as a permanent memorial, museum and to serve as reminder of Nazi evil.

Centralia5. Centralia

Once upon a time, in Pennsylvania, there was once a busy mining town until the coal veins under the city caught fire. If you thought that Door To Hell was the only one burning for several years. Think again. Since 1962 the dangerous fire has been burning. Yes. You read it right, still burning up to the present (a total of 54 years now). Well, eventually the town was abandoned, but there are 10 people who still live there. For deeper explanation to why it is still burning, click here.

At my first look of this place, it gave me the chills and I remembered the Pyramid Head, the girl who keeps vanishing and we end up chasing and as each time the ‘siren’ wails, the darkness comes forth to take over Silent Hill and transform it into the Otherworld.

Later on, I knew the town was actually the visual inspiration of the horror movie and game: Silent Hill.

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  1. These actually my most favorite article of yours, I am a fan of Silent Hill and definitely this places are origins of several movies. I never imagined that plateu in UP is actually real!


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