Tips When Traveling to Rome


 Rome is famous for its majestic and gigantic historical attractions. Millions of people travel to Rome yearly hoping to take a picture in front of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and others. The Eternal City, was ranked 9th on Traveleye’s top […]

Reasons to Visit Ottawa, Canada


 Canada’s capital city located in Ontario Canada is known for its beautiful outdoors and strong economical status. Next to Ottawa is the majestic Ottawa river or the “Grand River” which was the source of livelihood and income of the early […]

Reasons to visit Vancouver, Canada


 Vancouver is known for being, green, the active environment provides a very happy aura to all the locals, no wonder Vancouver’s been successful in the development process of the city. Vancouver has a advance technological ecosystem, the city is a […]

Reasons to visit Quebec, Canada


 The largest province in Canada, Quebec is the only province with a predominantly French-speaking population. It is not only the area, but their culture has been growing and expanding throughout the years, Quebec has something to show for art, music, […]

Reasons to visit Toronto, Canada


 Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and the capital city of Ontario. Toronto is not that famous unlike Calgary, Quebec and Montreal. Most people probably recognize Toronto because of the Raptors and Drake. In terms of travel services, […]

Maldives Travel Guide


 Maldives Travel Guide The sovereign island country of Maldives, where Islam is the central religion shelters the best fishermen and breathtaking beaches in this world. Amazing underwater reefs and country’s underwater life is also one of their best features. The […]

5 Amazing Travel Adventures


 Why do people travel? To experience something new? Learn about new cultures? Taste different kinds of cuisine? Whatever the reason, there will always be a level of adventure to engage in. Here are some amazing stories of individuals who had […]

Hawaii Travel Guide


 Hawaii Travel Guide Hawaii’s name was derived from a legendary figure named Hawai’iloa. It was believed that Hawai was the one who discovered the islands and named the biggest island Hawai’i, hence the name Hawaii. Hawaii was molded by the […]

Rome Review


 Rome Review According to Roman mythology, Rome was founded around 753 BC. There are many myths pertaining to the foundation of Rome, one myth in particular stands out the most, the story of Romulus and Remus. The twins who suckled […]