Perfect places to seek Solitude

They say that through traveling, people tend to find the things they are looking for. Not only do they find their passion, they also find themselves; but most of all, they find solitude.

Seeking solitude doesn’t necessarily mean involuntary isolation, being alone is different as well. Solitude is a choice, just like traveling is a choice. There are several places where people can find solitude. If you’re having a hard time looking, here’s a list to help you out.

People might say, go to a place close to the ocean, or probably near a cliff. However, it’s better to be more specific when seeking solace.

Start Point Lighthouse in Devon, England

educationThis particular lighthouse was built in 1836 to help ships navigate the deep waters. Throughout the years, the building became a small hotel for individuals looking for a way out of the busy life in the urbanized streets. The landform surrounding the lighthouse is pretty steep and close to seawater. The place is also a little spooky especially when fog starts to creep.

Kakslauttanen Resort in Saariselkä, Finland

Kakslauttanen-Glass-IglooThe resort is not only perfect for couples who love to snuggle and stay wrapped in comfy sheets the whole day long. It’s also perfect for an individual who wants to appreciate the simple things in life more than usual.

Even though it was once shrouded in superstitious beliefs before, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is still a wonder to see. Luckily, this part of the sky in Finland is glazed by this neon colored pastel. Add to that, you can get inside of those glass igloos, ignite a fire to keep you warm, gaze upon the sky, and just simply appreciate how blessed you are.

Green Mountain National Resort in Vermont, USA

Another way to find solace is by getting close to mother nature. The green mountain resort is open for all campers and travelers, no entrance fee required.

Just make sure to bring all the necessary materials, equipment, and supplies you’ll be needing.  The sublime scenery of the terrain is covered with lush greens.

Connemara in Ireland

Connemara_014_600x400Located somewhere west in Europe, the Connemara district is made of rolling hills and mid range mountains that have the open sky as its high domed ceiling. It makes for a great view of the night sky. There is almost no pollution in the air which results to a majestic image of the stars. The district is also composed of well planned campsites and small villages.

Villa Monteferrante in Italy

slide1This simple bed and breakfast near the sea in Vasto Marina emulates the culture of Italy. Travelers say that this place is perfect for reading and writing; you can wake up with the sound of the sea and enjoy a cup of coffee on a patio overlooking the Adriatic sea.

Ottawa, Canada

OttawaatNightOttawa is the capital of Canada and is one of the highly urbanized multicultural places in the world. As mentioned earlier, solace doesn’t always mean that someone needs to be alone. Ottawa’s diverse communities consist of the nicest individuals in the world. The street near the Rideau Canal is an amazing place for a walk while admiring a collection of great infrastructure building along the waterway.

White Sand National Monument in New Mexico, USA

The name gives it away, this destination is famous because of the white sand. Walk for half an hour and stand in an elevated space, then look around. Admire the vast expanse that your eyes can behold and don’t forget check the moonrise as well.

This place amplifies that saying “there’s something bigger out there, bigger than all of us.”

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Lofoten, Norway

57_1norvegia__isole_lofoten_095Sometimes vacation and solitude mix in the most perfect way that the sensation it brings is indescribably unique. The white sandy beach, the green hills spread all over the archipelago, and the mild weather with the open sky offer the best conditions for people who want to relax.

Travelers can immerse deeply in relaxation, which means calming the mind, heart, and soul while disregarding everything else.

Some people say that finding solace is difficult and that most people fail to do so. It’s possibly true, mainly because of the relentless thoughts in our mind. The first step is probably find a place far from home; a place not only to relax, but to appreciate life as well.

Hope that everyone reading this got the urge to travel, feel free to leave your comments below.


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