Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017 airplane

Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017

Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017

Proflight Zambia commemorates to date more than two decades within the industry, marking their progress with cabin crew overhauls and a greater commitment to skills training and customer service. Based in Lusaka, Zambia, Proflight Zambia is a popular choice for the jetset and revellers heading to the region for either business purposes, tourism, or others.

Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017 airplane

In our Proflight Zambia reviews, we take a closer look into the Zambian airline that operates the largest fleet of aircraft in Zambia.

Background and History

Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017 CEO
Proflight Zambia CEO Tony Irwin

The founder of Proflight Zambia serves as the airline’s CEO: Tony Irwin, a former Zambia Airways pilot. He started founding Proflight Air Services in 1991, which formed an alliance with Zambezi Airlines on June 30, 2009, then rebranded as Proflight Zambia in 2010. The Zambian airline had started with charters within Zambia and the region as Proflight Air Services.

In August 2014, Proflight Zambia relocated to their present headquarters in 13396 Kamloops Avenue, Zambia. Their main hub, meanwhile, is located at Lusaka International Airport; the airline is headquartered in Lusaka. As of the most recent Proflight Zambia reviews. Proflight Zambia’s fleet consists of 17 aircraft flying to 11 destinations in Africa. By 2013, they had regional scheduled services to Lilongwe, Malawi, Dar es Salaam, and Tanzania.

What Users Have to Say

There weren’t much Proflight Zambia reviews online, though one Proflight Zambia passenger concluded his trip was “An overall decent flight from Livingstone (LVI) to Lusaka (LUN) on Proflight Zambia. I had never been on a Jetstream 3200 before, so it was nice to experience. The flight was very bumpy and the cabin was hot, so I doubt I’d choose a flight on another one of these aircraft again if given the choice. Proflight is really the only option for nonstop air travel between Lusaka and Livingstone. Our roundtrip tickets from LUN to LVI were $121.82 each, all in, which was a steal. Intra-Africa airfare is often pretty pricey. The clientele seemed to be upper class Zambians and Western tourists, though most of the other tourists were significantly older than we were.”

Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017 cabin crew

Read Nick the Proflight Zambia passenger’s entire flight report here in this link. The author was happy about how his vacation went; though his flight experience was a little uncomfortable, he was grateful he flew with a cheap service.

Their Website

On their website, users can do the usual airline website functions such as book a flight, manage their booking, and check in online.

Proflight Zambia provides special assistance to expectant mothers, and child or infant fliers. Also, since 2013, the airline has their own inflight magazine which readers can also view online, here: Nkwazi magazine. Onboard, Proflight Zambia’s dining is composed mainly of snacks or a light meal depending on your aircraft, and a choice of water or other beverages.

For more information, updates, and offers about Proflight Zambia, view their Twitter account here.

Contact Details:

Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017 office

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +260 211 271 032
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: +260 211 271 139
  • Head Office Address: 13396 Kamloops Avenue (Munali Roundabout) Zambia

Concluding Words

Proflight Zambia Reviews 2017 brand iconThe positive Proflight Zambia reviews online will interest readers into flying with the airline. Proflight Zambia’s budget-friendliness removes most of our expectations, but overall, people thought they had a great flight.

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