Quikbook Reviews

Quikbook Reviews

First of all do not confuse Quikbook from Quickbooks. Both are different kind of businesses. Quikbook is an American online hotel search engine whereas Quickbooks is an accounting software​​ owned by Intuit. In this article, we will talk about the travel related one, Quikbook.

It is still on a continuous operation since 1988, it all started as an independent call-center hotel reservation service but now has been fully integrated online and is a call center distributor of hotels with reasonable pricing. Now, Quikbook has over 200 employees and works with partnership with different hotel properties and chains in over 100 of the most travel destinations worldwide with guaranteed rates up to 60% off.


pageThe page itself isn’t even enticing at all. They actually selected the right color for elegance but obviously didn’t maximize the potential in designing their asset: their own page itself. Moving forward, given its boring layout the simplicity of the site was kept. On a positive note, a slogan is shown on the center as “Look before you book.” which only means that customers are advised to look search first before deciding on booking. However it is promptly shown that they find the best deals from the boutique hotel experts. Let us see how that works.

I tried searching for Boston city for 1 night as 1 adult on April and the results are April Fools. There were only few recommendation shown though option from minimal results is interchangeable by price, hotel rating, location and review score. It also displayed the discounted amount you will save should you book now.


doubtfulConsumers are not satisfied with the services of Quikbook. Based on several Quikbook reviews, the online hotel meta search engine was even inconsiderate and an unreliable travel companion. These are not based from one review alone, but from 531 Quikbook reviews on ConsumerAffairs, the most recent reviewer even said:

“Quikbook always has problems with customers. My wife and I travel, by booking with Quikbook.Their new site, it’s even better and easier to use . However, was just actually a show up to lure customers like us. So, if you think QuikBooks cares about their customers, think again. I’m very disappointed and feel ripped off. I hope more people will complain. I’m not a big business, I’m a very small business and this is a big expense!”

The customer gave them a 1 out 5 rating on March 3, 2016.
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      www.quikbook.com
  • Contact number:                 1-888-253-0550
  • Contact Email:                    support@quikbook.com
  • Head Office Address:         381 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, 10016, USA

Points To Reconsider

Quikbook Reviews-avoid

After reading through several Quikbook reviews, given its number of low average customer reviews and complaints, the online hotel search engine is still hanging on a thin line. For this hotel site is not being really reliable for its supporting details about the ownership of the company. No CEO? No founder? How could that be possible? Not even a partner company is operating Quikbook? I wonder how Quikbook manages their final decisions in everything. Have you booked with Quikbook? Feel free to share your story below.


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  1. I have used Quickbook for a few years, and in that time they have lost some payroll records causing me to have many long lasting negative interactions with the IRS and state tax departments. It was a real headache. Now I am currently trying to cancel my service and the navigation doesn’t work on the site and they have me call a number where the agents had transferred me to several departments and none of them could actually cancel the service themselves. I wish things were easier. Oh well. Never again.


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