RatesToGo Reviews

RatesToGo Reviews

RatesToGo Reviews-HotelClubPtyLtdRatesToGo was founded in 2002 by team-up between the Australian registered company,  HotelClub Pty Ltd, and a brand of Orbitz Worldwide Inc., which is an American company that operates website used to research, plan, book and travel.

Flairview Travel Director, Timothy Hughes, is serves as the Chief Executive Officer of RatesToGo. Hughes is a senior online and media executive which is responsible for managing sales, revenue management, pricing, and sourcing like hotel inventory, content descriptions and database operations.

RatesToGo is known for last minute online hotel reservation services from over 74,000 hotels available in 141 countries. They post 15,000 last minute hotels for reservation on sale daily. Their aim is to guarantee quality in all aspects of the products and services they develop.

How Rates Go with RatesToGo

RatesToGo basically lets customers search and compare hotel deals by entering the desired destination, check-in/check-out date, room quantity and star rating preference. If customers have a promotional code directly from the desired hotel, they can enter the information right before hitting the search button. Customize searching can also be done withRatesToGo, whether it’s by city, point of interest, region, airport or direct address.

An option for travelers to receive travel deals straight to their inbox is also available with RatesToGo, this is located on the left hand of the webpage, which is just below the option for customize hotel searching. Customers just have to put their email address and hit “Sign me up!” to get avail of the free subscription.
RatesToGo Reviews-pageTo change the results in a different language and monetary currency, the selector is found on the top right of the webpage, which is just below the “Sign In” or “Register”. This allows customers to choose from over 17 languages and 35 currencies worldwide.

More promotions are located mostly on the right hand part of the webpage where travelers will see services advertisements and a list of three or more star rated hotel deals with reviews and saving percentage categorized to Sydney, London, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

However, I am curious about how they promote the Last Minute Hotels deals. Although this was said to be the crème de la crème service they have to offer their customers, they decided to put it at the bottom of the webpage. Customers would not be able to see it if they don’t pay close attention to it. Customers might just think that it’s just another section for hitting links.

RatesToGo has a Site Feedback service where customers who are not satisfied with how the layout looks can post their comments. Also, travelers can send a suggestion, if something went wrong. The Site Feedback service also allows customers to post positive remarks about the site itself. The customers also have the option of rating the website from 1 to 10.

What Customers of RatesToGo Says?
Reading through majority of the RatesToGo reviews, it seems like the online hotel reservation agency is giving out a bad impression. Most of the reviews were complaints from previous customers. One recent review said that the customer made a reservation with them wherein money was debited from his account and he didn’t receive any email confirmation.

Later, he called the hotel and checked his reservation and the hotel manager said that the reservation wasn’t made.

Eventually, he had to call the RatesToGo customer service number shown on their webpage but did not receive an answer. He sent an email and waited for reply but no response was received.

With that, the customer noted that RatesToGo was a “fraud” and other travelers should avoid them.
RatesToGo Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:                       www.ratestogo.com
  • Contact number:                  +1 800 893 8079
  • Contact Email:                     best_rate@ratestogo.com
  • Head Office Address:         Level 9, 447 Kent St., Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

I Say NO for RatesToGo
After reading some of the RatesToGo reviews, I won’t personally recommend RatesToGo. The CEO itself is not even focused on the wellbeing of the company; rather, he is concentrated on the other subsidiaries of HotelClub Pty Ltd.

To be honest, there’s not much information about RatesToGo because it always ends up being highlighted as a mere subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide Inc. Now, I am not surprised why former customers of RatesToGo have become irritable with the hotel reservation company.

Did you book with them? Feel free to share your story below.


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  1. After getting the booking mixed up on the website late at night and discovering that even when you type marriott into the search bar the website still directs to another hotel chain. The hotel chain is cheaper by $65 to book directly won’t use again or recommend


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