Reasons to visit Austin, USA

There are cities in this world that are famous for magnificent attractions, extravagant lifestyle, skyscrapers and elegant terrain.

Then there are those who make an impression to the whole world because of their uniqueness and awesome peculiar features, kinda like Austin, Texas

The city of Austin has a famous motto, “Keep Austin Weird,” this signifies the diversity in culture, lifestyle and attractions of the city. They even host an annual Keep Austin Weird 5k, awesome.

Austin is a “clean air city” because of the strong policy against smoking to regulate smokers and the smoke’s effect on the environment.

Now here are some interesting and awesome features you should know about Austin.

Austin was given the nickname “Violet Crown” because of the violet glow that ignites appearing across the hills after sunset during winter. Pretty cool right?

Music Scene

The city provides opportunity to local artist and bands to showcase their talent in over 270 music venues scattered around the city. Austin is known as the “Live Capital Music of the World” take note, “of the World,” not just USA. So if you’re ever around the city, remember you have to be at least 21 years old, admission cost $50 and the music shows are open during Fridays and Saturdays only, 7pm to 10pm.

The White Horse, Austin, Texas

Food Tour

There are several tours in the city that hits all of the best restaurant in town. Most people prefer to choose the Eastside tour, because it includes the best breweries, food trucks, bars and restaurant in the city.

Austin is home to the best food trailers and trucks in all of the United States, they have East side kings, Hey! you gonna eat or what, the Vegan yacht, Holy cacao and more. Travelers can tour by walking, a van or the locals personal favorite the, Rocket Electrics. This electricity powered bike is the best vessel to roam around the every area looking for awesome things to do, watch, eat or listen to.


If you want to indulge in the fun that combines food and music, then head straight to the 6th street during the night to experience Austin’s best entertainment and foods. 6th street, formerly known as Pecan street, is the Heart of Entertainment in Texas.

The Zilker Park

A center of fun and society, this 351 acre park is the friendliest spot in Austin with all the interaction of people including locals and travelers. The park also offers different kinds of activities like biking, hiking, kayaking and of course kite flying.


Speaking of Kite flying every March of every year, Zilker park hosts their ABC Kite Festival. The festival was established by by the Exchange Club of Austin in 1929 to encourage and ignite creativity inside children, it was the brilliant idea of the Exchange Club President Ed St. John. People attended the Kite festival for the tournament that ranges different kinds of competition from biggest kite, smallest kite, steadiest kite and highest angle kites. The total earnings of the festival are donated to the communities and schools of central Texas.



The Lady Bird Lake

One of the best spots to relax in Austin. Most visitors bring their kayaks during the day and roam the lake for hours and witness the bats taking flight. Visitors can also enjoy a more convenient way of floating by going on evening cruises.


Lake Travis

The main highlight in this water area is the Zipline that can reach 60mph. So thrill and adrenaline lovers, this is for you, the lake may not be that deep for a more intense ride, but the view about is truly majestic.


Artistic Side of the City

There are several museums and galleries in Austin including the Blanton Museum of Art, Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and the AMAO (Arthouse at the Jones Center. All of these museums preserves the culture and history of Texas through art, but there is one art spot in the city that you should never ever miss seeing.

The Baylor Street Art Wall

Local graffiti artists have been expressing and demonstrating their art through the walls that have captured the essence of the city and the people. To all travelers, this is also a great Photo Op to serve as memories for your travel.


Alamo Drafthouse

Some travelers said that the Alamo Drafthouse is the “best movie theater ever.” They are not wrong, this cinema offers more than just film viewing, they also have vintage video games, pancake showing and drinking lounge. Movie goers come from different part of the country and the world. Also during the movie viewing, the cinema has a very strict policy for no talking policy, people who have been in the drafthouse said that they would not talk for hours because of the ambiance, food and entertainment they receive.

Interior architecture photography by austin photographer david hill

What more can you ask for? Austin is truly a must-visit destination in your lifetime, their weirdness is mixed with whimsy, passion and love, a little cheesy right? Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this article about Reasons to visit Austin, USA. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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  1. Austin is great especially for music lovers. The local artist are very talented and offers different genre of music including rap and electronica.


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