Reasons to visit Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton is the champion of the Great White North. On July 31, 1987, the F4 Tornado struck edmonton killing 27 individuals. The damages, casualties and terror it brought was intense, but the people of Edmonton rose above the rubble to start over, ever since then, Edmonton was called the “City of Champions.”

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, it’s the 2nd largest city in Alberta and 5th largest municipality in all of Canada.

Edmonton is famous for their West Edmonton Mall and the Royal Alberta Museum. There is so much more to expect if you ever decide to visit Edmonton.

Canada has a cold weather since it’s one of the North American countries, good thing Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in Canada. The highest temperature can reach 30 °C (86 °F) in the midst of April to September.

First on your itinerary should be to visit the West Edmonton Mall, this is not your typical mall with fast food restaurants, clothing shops and a fountain in the center, no. The mall has fashion, lifestyle and food features for customers, but that’s not all they have.


The mall includes major attractions like the indoor amusement park Galaxyland. They also have a indoor waterpark, the World Waterpark. Galaxyland is the second-largest indoor amusement park in the world and the World Waterpark is the second-largest waterpark in the world. The mall also has Sea life caverns, Mayfield toyota ice palace and more. Young people will surely enjoy a trip to the mall, even adults who are young at heart. For more information click here.


Science lovers can visit Telus World of Science to learn more about robotics, human health, space, environment and other branches of study relates to science. The science centre exhibits a variety of things from in and out of this world. In the space gallery, they have a real moon rock that was collected from the Apollo program. The Discoveryland inside the centre attracts children to view and play with man-made objects like airplanes, construction machinery, diving gears and more. Kids would probably have fun with the giant piano which can be played by simply stepping on the keys.


A paradise of Floral species is shelter in the Muttart Conservatory. The conservatory is one of the major landmarks of Edmonton, sheltering a wide species of plants. The conservatory has a greenhouse and public garden. The variety of Plants are organized not only by species but also by their growth features. Vegetarians and environmentalists are sure going to love this place, not only them of course.


The Art Gallery of Alberta has one of the most innovative architectures in the world. The gallery was established in 1924, the original blueprint for the building was drawn by Brutalist Don Bittorf, it was later renovated by Randall Stout. There are over 6,000 art materials divided by paintings, sculptures, photographs and installation works by local and international artists. Despite the modern design of the gallery, it still serves as one of the cultural institution in the province.


To indulge to the brilliance of music, consider catching a performance of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at the Francis Winspear Center for Music. The centre has its own theatre and restaurant also.


If you’re in a mood for a little sightseeing, ride the railway of the High Level Bridge Streetcar to appreciate the beauty of Edmonton. The ride is not that expensive and the kids are sure to enjoy the experience. Tour the city and see amazing vistas of greenland and infrastructure. Gaze upon the panoramic beauty of the North Saskatchewan River and the river valley road.

Other than the “City of Champions,” Edmonton was also given the nickname “Canada’s Festival City.” Anticipated and big festivals occur every year like the Dragon boat festival, Interstellar Rodeo, K-days (summer festival) and more. They have festivals for art, food, leisure, parades anything you can ask for. For more information about their festivals click here.


The food selection in Edmonton is also wide from gourmet meals to sweet delights. They have the Padmanadi to serve the best vegetarian cuisine in the city. If you want something more heavy, seek satisfaction from Hardware Grill. One of the most talked-about food spots is the Duchess Bake shop which serves scrumptious and delicious cakes and cupcakes.

Edmonton is not that famous among travel destinations and that’s kinda sad. The city deserves more visitors with the variety of services, activities and features it offers to everyone. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article about Edmonton and make sure to share it with your fellow travelers. Cheers to the City of Champions!


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