Reasons to visit New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, nicknamed “Big Easy” and the birthplace of Jazz. This city in Louisiana is famous for its food, nightlife and music, these three factors works well as one.

Famous actress and personalities like Reese Witherspoon, Louis Armstrong and Mahalia Jackson were born and raised in the Crescent City. New Orleans is given another nickname, “Crescent City,” because it of its moon-shape like when seen from above.


If you are planning on moving or visiting New Orleans, then here are some tips you need to know.

A little piece of History

Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, founded New Orleans in 1718 to serve as protection from Hurricanes. In August, 2005 hurricane Katrina struck and the damage was unbearable, over 1,400 people died in Louisiana, what a painful tragedy.

Anyways, New Orleans and the whole state of Louisiana has bounced back to become stronger and grew.Anyways, New Orleans and the whole state of Louisiana has bounced back to become stronger and grew.

Now, straight to the most anticipated celebration of the year, Mardi Gras. This massive festival occurs after the Christian feasts of Epiphany. Mardi Gras is actually a french phrase, the english translation is “Fat Tuesday.” The parade is filled with amazing floats with unique designs.

Mardi Gras is celebrated in different countries like Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Brazil. The festival originated from Mobile, Alabama, it only visited New Orleans for a little taste, but the festival stayed and grew bigger in the Big Easy.

Food, Food, Food

New Orleans is responsible for the best eats ever to be introduced to the whole world. The Louisiana Creole cuisine is the unique style of cooking in New Orleans. Ever had Beignets, or maybe gumbo, how about Red beans and rice? If not, they you are totally missing out, there are more authentic meals that originated from New Orleans. Another one is their famous Po-boys, not to be confused from the subway sandwiches.


Drink, Drink, Drink

Louisiana has a reputation for being one of the best cities to have a drink. May it be cocktails, tequila, bourbon or wine, New Orleans has got your back when it comes to drinking, alcoholic drinks to be specific. Just make sure to monitor your drinking intake, you don’t wanna get thrown out. Here are of the best bars and lounges in New, Orleans.

  • Half Moon – 1125 St. Mary St.
  • Molly’s at the Market – 1107 Decatur St.
  • Bridge Lounge – 1201 Magazine St.
  • The Rusty Nail – 1100 Constance St.
  • Bacchanal Wine – 600 Poland Dr.
  • Bar Tonique – 820 N. Rampart St.



Music is a big part of New Orleans, the city’s contribution to the music industry is huge, especially the genre of Jazz.

A lot of legendary musicians who embraced jazz and blues hailed from New Orleans like Pete Fountain, DeDe Pierce, Sidney Bechet and more.

To pay tribute to the contribution of Jazz, the locals celebrates the “Jazz Fest” or the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The celebration starts on the last weekend of April and concludes on the first weekend of May. Because of the celebration’s prominence and level of awesomeness, it is perceived as a tourist attraction for travelers who wants to take part to the celebration.

performs at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2011, at the Farigrounds Racetrack in New Orleans, Loouisiana.


Have you ever seen the disney movie “The Princess and the Frog?” The setting of the film is in New Orleans during the 1920s. Some notable features of the city were included including the music and gumbo, another one is voodoo. Remember the main antagonist of the film, Doctor Facilier, the witch doctor who performs voodoo rituals.

Voodoo originated from Haiti and made its way to the United States, particularly to New Orleans. The spiritual beliefs and folkways are practiced by singing during rituals for worship. Kinda Creepy, but useful information for travelers. Voodoo even has its own museum, the “New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.


The French Quarter (Heart of New Orleans)

After Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville founded the city in 1718, Vieux Carré or Old Square is the center where the city started to grow.

This small tourist destination is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Street vendors, the  majestic Jackson Square and the drinking establishments in Bourbon Street are the main attractions there.


Museum Collection

There are different museums in New Orleans with a variety of collection. There is the National WWII Museum, Louisiana Children’s Museum, Backstreet Cultural Museum, they even have the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.


New Orleans provides daily celebrations of human life, drink with your buddies, roam around the city looking for beignets etc. The city has a pretty wide range of features right? They have festivals and voodoo rituals, but it is without question that New Orleans has a lot of contribution to the world especially in food and music.

Those so-called “best moment in my life”  events can happen in New Orleans. One piece of advice though, make sure to have some company, especially when you get drunk, no one will carry you home.


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