Reasons to Visit Ottawa, Canada

Canada’s capital city located in Ontario Canada is known for its beautiful outdoors and strong economical status. Next to Ottawa is the majestic Ottawa river or the “Grand River” which was the source of livelihood and income of the early people.

Ottawa today is one of the most developed cites in the world, great value for education, clean environment, rich culture preservation and more.

Another piece of important information, Ottawa is the coldest capital city in the World.

Here are some things to look forward to when visiting Ottawa and amazing facts.

The Great Glebe Garage Sale

This massive sale event has been alive since 1986, this great sale wasn’t established by a committee or the government, the event just started and grew throughout the years. Everyone is welcome as a seller or a buyer, the choices of items for sale includes awesome headwears to vhs tapes and even rickshaw rides. A day at this garage sale would be epic and make sure to bring enough money because you will surely not going home empty handed.


Canada Day

Since Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, the celebration for Canada day is amazing. Online reviews and articles say that there is nothing like Canada day in Ottawa, the celebration, the crowd, the energy and joy is overwhelming. Since people have different likes and dislikes, there are different ways to celebrate. People who want to party mixed in with the crowd, while others just have a nice and intimate meal with friends and family. One of the most anticipated parts of the event is the flight of the snowbirds, Canadian air forces.


Other Festivals

The Ottawa Chamberfest features the best musical acts performing in different venues like churches and museums.

Listen to awesome and flawless musical concerts during the TD Ottawa Jazz festival. This festival can be held indoors or outdoors, the level of musical performance and appreciation is strong.

Ottawa Museums

There are many choices of museums to visit in the communities of Ottawa.

Bytown Museum

For example they have the Bytown museum, Ottawa’s initial nickname, Bytown. The museum is located at the heart of downtown Ottawa, every piece of historical material inside the museum tells the story of Ottawa’s evolution from Bytown to Ottawa. They also have the Rideau Canal beside to increase the ambiance.


Cumberland Heritage Village

Travel back in time and see how the people of Ottawa lived  their daily lives back in the 1920 and 1930s. This 25 hectares village demonstrates some of the old methods and tools for carpentry, blacksmithing and sawmill.


The Canadian Museum of Nature

If you want to learn and be amazed at the same time, then the Museum of Nature is the right place to be. The museum features an art collection that depicts the evolution of this world and the creatures in it. Fossils, zoology collection, plants and archives are exhibited to teach the journey of life to people. The museum also employs  researchers to make a contribution to the world of Science and also to life itself.


The Rideau Canal

The locals said that without the Rideau Canal, Ottawa would not be what it is today. The cultural waterway was built in 1832 with architect John By. The locals love to ride their bike, go for a walk or jog around the canal to enjoy the view.


Lady Dive Amphibus

This land and water vessel tour shows the beautiful nature of Ottawa. Ride this One hour tour ride and be amazed by all the natural features and man-made infrastructure of the city.


Significance of Education

Ottawa has been preparing their students to face the real world efficiently. Ottawa is considered as one of the most educative cities in Canada and probably the world. The percentage of unemployment is very low because of the possibilities and opportunities provided by the city.

All day fun

There are also several amusement and water parks around the city. They have Pirate Adventures, Sky Zone and Funhaven all of them filled with fun activities for the young and young at heart.

Ottawa Senators in Battle

Don’t worry these senators are not the ones serving the government. These senators are the ice hockey heroes of Ottawa. So if you’re an ice hockey fan make sure to catch one of their games.


Food Scene

Growing day by day, Ottawa offers a very diverse set of foods and beverages with their authentic touch.

One of the well-known restaurants in Ottawa is the Mamma Teresa Ristorante. The Boselli family brings their cuisine knowledge and skills from Italy to Ottawa. Mamma Teresa was established in 1970 and the Boselli’s italian cuisine legacy lives on. This is truly a must-try restaurant.

Another great food spot is the Occo Kitchen, their menu mostly includes mouth-watering burgers and salads. This eating spot is described to be “Fresh, Unique and Wonderful.”

Ottawa possess amazing and interesting features that attracts people from all around the world. Food, festivities, art, you name it, the best thing is that Ottawa’s development is still on-going and very active. Can’t help but wonder what the city would be like after a few years from now.

Bookmark this review and then 5 or 7 years after, read it once more, after reading, go and see the improvements and innovations of the city.

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