Reasons to visit Quebec, Canada

The largest province in Canada, Quebec is the only province with a predominantly French-speaking population. It is not only the area, but their culture has been growing and expanding throughout the years, Quebec has something to show for art, music, theater, cuisine, heritage and many more interesting factors.

Here is a list of Quebec’s best features.

  1. Quebec’s cuisine is consist of food with high fat content. The early people of Quebec wanted to establish a set of meals to condition their body to confront the climate. Make sure to try their authentic dishes like poutine, meat pies (tourtières), Grand-Peres and more. The maple leaf is Canada’s symbol, therefore maple syrup plays a huge role for their cuisine. Poutine
  2. The “International Jazz Festival” takes place in June and July in Montreal. Over 800 events awaits who ever wants to experience the biggest party every year in the Great White North. cjean-franc_ois-leblanc-festival-international-de-jazz-de-montre_al_brian_setzer_610_59
  3. The Wall of old-quebec is truly an amazing feature for all of Canada. Kinda like, one of those war movies wherein great cities are fortified by tall walls to keep the enemy from entering. This world heritage had stood through time and is also a jogging-ground for the locals.porte-st-jean320100731_57
  4. Art, is an essential part of Quebec’s reality everyday. Street art, performing art, music and more mediums of the creative mind are very active within the province. People can easily see varieties of masterpieces and performances in the streets. Visit the museums, watch theatre shows and look around alleys for graffiti masters. 
  5. The Ice Hotel (Hotel de Glace), kinda reminds you of frozen right? This one-of-a-kind hotel has been famous around the world , travelers are attracted to stay inside a room which interior is designed by ice with furniture. Pretty sure most of you dream of living in this kind of place, don’t worry it’s a lot bigger than the igloos you see in cartoons. The hotel also provides other services such as canoe rides and biking in rough terrain grounds for more excitement. ice-hotel-gets-paris-rooftop-themed-room-8
  6. Whale Watching, is also one of the main attractions in Quebec. Quebec was certainly blessed with one of the best whale-watching sites in the world. Travelers can join the Gaspésie Tour or visit Côte-Nord borders to see the magnificent whales as they move around the water. The bodies of water  themselves in Quebec are an attraction. whale-watching-from-Quebec-City
  7. Bliss and games, Quebec has an extensive array of fun activity choices. Usual water sports, to escape rooms, no-gravity facilities and zip lines. The location to indulge in these type of activities are as follow: Via Ferrata du Diable, SkyVenture Montreal, Escalade Clip ‘n climb Laval and. Skyline Luge Mont-Tremblant. There are more destinations inside Quebec for fun and adventure seekers, click here for more information.
  8. Your trip to Quebec is incomplete without visiting one of the amazing Natural theme parks like Mount Royal, Montreal Botanical Gardens, Parc Omega etc. The wildlife within these parks should be advocated  to preserve everything from the living creatures to the habitat they live in. 
  9. Quebec has a very deep trace of history from ancient times. Learn their history by visiting all of the landmarks and attractions inside Quebec. Visit the Old Quebec and Old Montreal, pray at the Notre-Dame Basilica. Each attraction may be rundown, listen to the stories behind each wall, each building. Make sure to visit Quebec’s heritage sites during your trip there. 102
  10. Last but not the least, Hockey night in Montreal. Since ice hockey is not that famous around the world, there are very limited countries who practice the fastest sports ever. panoramic-hockey-night-canada-18443861

It is clear that, Quebec is a very interesting and beautiful country to visit. A mixture of something old and something new is a great description for this province. Also remember this before you travel to Quebec, the citizens mainly speak french, so if you can only speak english, then you might want to consider learning a little french.



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