Reasons to visit Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and the capital city of Ontario. Toronto is not that famous unlike Calgary, Quebec and Montreal. Most people probably recognize Toronto because of the Raptors and Drake. In terms of travel services, Toronto has so much to offer and is a great city located in the Great White North.

  1. Axe Throwing, kinda like darts, but with an axe. This activity has been done actively by thousands of people who want to have fun or maybe blew off steam. This would also be a great activity for anger management and is currently being used as a therapeutic tool in some groups. 20140110-batl590-07
  2. CN Tower is one of the best attractions based in Toronto. This communication and observation 1,469 ft tower oversees the city and serves as its landmark. CN stands for Canadian National if you were wondering. Other than the architectural design of the tower, a certain factor encourages locals and traveler to pay a visit. The Edgewalk, the idea started on August1st, 2011, when the CN tower opened a activity wherein people can walk the roof of the main pod (1,168.0 ft). 606196fea50edbb62101b517b70a4045bd9d4cd6
  3. Nation’s Diversity, Toronto offers different features that originated from different countries around the world. Toronto has its own chinatown, one of the largest in North America, a small structure inspired by Greece called the Sunday Pavilion and just around the Kennington market and street performers playing sweet music with Indian instruments. 
  4. Thompson Hotel, this leisure building offers the gift of comfort for its guest and a hint of art appreciation with its galleries and creatively designed rooms. Guests can also take time to admire the Toronto city view and swim in the rooftop lounge pool. Thompson-hotel-Toronto
  5. Graffiti art is an essential part of the city. Scattered on different walls over the city, this street art for others is considered vandalism, but the truth is that they are an expression of Toronto love. Toronto-Graffiti-Alley-5
  6. Aga Khan Museum. The Aga Khan Trust for Culture established this museum on September 18th, 2014 to preserve and honor important pieces of the Islamic religion. The architectural concept of the museum is very unique with its amazing facade and dramatic interior to go well with the exhibit. Aga_Khan_Museum_about
  7. Kensington Market, where culinary essentials from all over the world gather. The Market offers all kinds of cuisines from Italy, Jamaica, Hakka and more. This is the perfect place for foodies to learn more about the significance of authentic cuisine and of course binge eating. The restaurants and best eats in Toronto are also taking a step forward in improving their entire food service and everyone is starting to notice. 
  8. Yoga at the Art Gallery, to relax your body, mind and perception, make sure to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario to participate to the, relaxing-experience of yoga while surrounded by masterpieces and amazing interior to sooth your body, mind and soul. mar12ReasonToLove
  9. Legoland, attention all kids out there not just the ones living in Ontario, the man-made lego inspired landscape took a lot of time and bricks to provide unlimited fun to children, even adults. Legoland Canada features several lego-structures to portray the best destinations and activities of the country like Hockey, Niagara Falls, CN tower and more. They also have the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride wherein kids can ride a chariot and shoot at booby traps, dragons and skeletons with their mounted laser guns to save the princess. 
  10. Historic Distillery District, the vintage part of downtown Toronto still has its rustic and amazing presence after all these years. Several restaurants and cafes started to be established along the streets in order to adapt to the district’s aura. The district is even more beautiful and dramatic at night, the light illuminates the shadow of the buildings in a very haunting and amazing way. There are also several landmarks that were preserved like the Tank house, Pump house and Boiler house. 

Toronto truly has amazing features for art, cuisine, heritage leisure and more. The city is not that prominent, but several articles online predict a very bright future for Toronto in becoming a world-renowned city.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to travel.


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  1. I’m planning to take my nephews to legoland, we were suppose to hit the museums but after reading this review, I changed my mind. Thanks, TO!


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