Reasons to visit Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is known for being, green, the active environment provides a very happy aura to all the locals, no wonder Vancouver’s been successful in the development process of the city. Vancouver has a advance technological ecosystem, the city is a great place to study, work, play and simple live. Vancouver ranked as the third most “livable place in the world.”

The New York times said, “Vancouver in Manhattan with mountains.”

What makes Vancouver great?

First of all, the amazing natural features of the city with the magnificent mountains, glistening ocean, vast rainforest and more. Truly a city that shows the beauty of nature.

First, sightseeing, take a boat or rent a boat then sail to the Seawall. This majestic wall is built to surround the Stanley Park to prevent soil erosion. Now, after admiring the wall, enter the Stanley park and walk the trail beside the body of water. Stanley park is said to be one of the best parks in the world with its peaceful ambiance, balanced weather and a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Stanley Park and the Seawall
Stanley Park and the Seawall

The longest beach in Canada is located in Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. The pool stretches to a 137.5 meters (451 feet).

Kitsilano Pool
Kitsilano Pool

To everyone looking for adventure, Vancouver shelters the Canadian Rockies, Victoria and Whistler resort, wherein people can engage on different extreme sports or maybe just get out of the house and have fun with the family.

The Rockies
The Rockies

For educational purposes, visit the Science World at Telus World of Science to learn about Science and watch Science comes alive before you. After the science world, they also have Canada Place for convention purposes, the architectural design of the area is truly amazing and need to say unique. This places are also attractions, not just centers, they also have the Capilano Suspension bridge which is literally and figuratively breathtaking.

To fully appreciate the amazing view of Vancouver, why not Flyover it to see the city in a different angle. The Flyover ride  is a virtual air tour above the city. 

It’s time to fly

H. R. MacMillan Space Centre

Not as fancy as NASA, but this space centre provides critical and direct lecture about Astronomy to encourage more children to pursue a career on the hard sciences.


If you want to play and just get crazy while riding different rides, the go straight to the PlayLand. This amusement park is the oldest one in Canada. According to online reviews about the park, “the Kids love it.”

Catch the theatrical masterpiece “The Fringe” and “Bard on the Beach.” There are several theatres in Vancouver to welcome a huge crowd daily. There are also gallery centers to showcase the works of local and international artists of Canada, like the The Firehall Arts Centre which used to be a church.

For Hockey Fans out there, watch the Vancouver Canucks play and enjoy the hype during the game.

When to visit?

March to May and September to November are the ideal months to visit Vancouver with their mild weather and hotel price rates can be bargained to a low price. For future reference, provides on average, a 17% discount price rate for travelers flying to Vancouver.

Vancouver is one of the most active city in the world striving for a better world. The economic stability of the city is standing strong.

Vancouver is flexible with its features and travel services, the locals work hard everyday to help the city progress by providing amazing travel services to travelers. Eco-friendly area and different centers catering to different interests like theater, literature and more. Vancouver is just beginning.


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