Reasons to visit Victoria, Canada

In Canada, most of the cities are given nicknames. Edmonton is the City of Champions, New Westminster is called Royal City and Hamilton is the Ambitious City. Sounds elegant and awesome at the same time.

Then a city in the southern tip of the Vancouver Island stands out with her amazing and one of a kind nickname.

Victoria, capital of the British Columbia province, is called the “City of Newlyweds and Nearly Deads.” The reason behind this nickname is because Victoria’s population has more elder people and young families. Victoria is also known as the “Garden City” because of the city’s beautiful setting.

The city mostly appeals to old people who wants to spent the remainder of their life relaxing. The city is snow-free, technology innovation is efficient and the environment is very peaceful.

For travelers, here’s something to look forward to upon your visit to the city.

miniature-worldOne of the biggest or rather smallest destinations in Victoria is the Miniature World downtown. Man made miniature dioramas and displays await the giants who would pay the facility a visit. Dioramas depict different area settings according to season, culture, terrain, lifestyle and more. They have Frontier Island, the World of Dickens, the Great Canadian Railways, Olde London Town, Space 2201 AD, etc. Enter the “Greatest little show on Earth.”


bc-museum-tileIn Belleville street, the historic Royal British Columbia Museum exhibits the evolution of natural and human history. The museum features different kinds of human and animal fossils in the natural history gallery. Old materials, equipments, tools, and totem halls are showcased to the public in the First People gallery. Lastly, the modern history exhibit of small man-made towns, clothing, gadgets and machines narrates the evolution of mankind, technology, knowledge and lifestyle. More than 400 species of native plants are also taken care of and showcased to visitors of the museum.

British-Columbia-ParliamentAnother great tourist attraction is the majestic British Columbia Parliament Buildings. The concept of the historical site is a combination of Neo-baroque, Renaissance revival and Romanesque revival architectural styles. The statue of Queen Victoria is fortified on the front lawn of the buildings and a gold-covered statue of Captain George Vancouver is atop of the central dome.

Art comes to life in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria that shelters almost 18,000 art objects from Asia, Europe and North America. The gallery primarily depicts Japan and Canada as a whole.


big-bc-53For an amazing outdoor experience, make your way to the Beacon Hill Park. The park offers different activities like sports, sightseeing, strolling and more. The park is filled with various amenities like picnic grounds, playgrounds, shoreline trails and tennis courts. The park’s name was derived from a small hill in the vicinity. The hill serves as a beacon for navigation of the early settlers.

Place to Stay
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAYou can never go wrong with seeking shelter in the Fairmont Empress Hotel. Other than a 5-star hotel, the building is considered as a National Historic Site of Canada. The hotel has a total of 477 rooms with amazing view of the inner harbour and courtyard gardens. The Empress is famous for their Victorian afternoon tea service. The team room serves 800 guests daily.

The Walking Tours
One more thing to look forward to is Victoria’s four Walking tours that includes the Ghostly walk, Chinatown walk, Discovery walk and Gold Rush Tales. Each walk is unique that offers paranormal experiences, lectures about China, rich history of Victoria and the tales of merchants, prospectors, heroes and villains during the Gold Rush.


Top Eating Spots

Pagliacci’s offers the best pasta dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and served with elegance. Their menu is pretty extensive from steaks, salads, seafood and pastas. One signature dish is the Sophia, prepared with Canadian dungeness, baby shrimp, pine nuts and rock crab with white wine sauce.

The Cafe Brio serves the best potential of local ingredients with west coast inspired dishes. They serve the best Salumi in the city and their wine collection is truly astounding to incorporate each dish.

The great city of Victoria is one that preserves the history and modern life of Canada and other nations in the world. One can’t deny the city’s certain charm for flexibility.

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