Reasons to visit Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg, Canada is the capital and largest city in Manitoba. The city name Winnipeg, was derived from Lake Winnipeg which is a muddy or a little salty water-based area.

The city is located at the eastern edge of Western Canada, with that, Winnipeg is known as the “Gateway to the West,” simple nickname but really has a ring in it.

The vicinity of Winnipeg is mostly covered with grass and trees since it’s located within the Canadian Prairies. In 2010, Winnipeg was named as the Cultural Capital of Canada because of the historical sites within the city.

One of the most visited historical sites in Winnipeg is the Forks, a green space which was a common meeting place for Aboriginal people and traders in the old days. This site has been a center for human activity for years.


Another great place to visit is the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Other than it’s unique architectural design, the museum exhibits historical information and materials tackling the struggle and development of human rights, not only for Canada, but for the entire world. The museum is filled with galleries depicting the Holocaust,  Indigenous perspectives, Genocides and more. Visiting the museum is also a learning opportunity especially for human rights advocates.


After a historical and informative tour to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, make your way to the Manitoba Children’s Museum for a more casual and fun experience. Thousands of visitors especially young ones have been visiting the museum ever since its establishment in 1986. The museum features man-made materials from round chairs to engines. One of the major attractions inside the museum is the gallery of Junction 1961 that includes a small train.


The pedestrian bridge Esplanade Riel has been a major attraction in Winnipeg because of its architectural concept which is a Side-spar cable-stayed bridge. This bridge is perfect for a little morning stroll.


A collection of prestigious fauna are sheltered in the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Most of the animals in the zoo are the ones with high tolerance for cold weather and terrain including the polar bear, arctic fox, snowy owl and more. The zoo also features great lions from Asia, rare birds and various species of plants.

Assiniboine_Park_Zoo_Winnipeg_Manitoba_Canada_1IMG_6655a - Polar Bear - Alice watching

Enough with destinations. When it comes to festivals, Winnipeg a lot in its sleeves.

Did you know that the largest and longest-running multicultural festival in the world is held at Winnipeg? The Folklorama is a celebration of cultures originating from different part of the world that was inaugurated back in 1970. The festival is held during the first week of August every year. The celebration is divided by pavilions, each paying tribute to different cultures like Indian, Scottish, Irish, Filipino, Russian, Romanian and so much more. Performances, music, exotic cuisine etc from different nations are presented to keep the festival alive. Attend the festival and meet the world.


The Winnipeg Music Festival is a ticket for aspiring bands and artist to make it big in the music industry. Band competition is held prior to this festival to pick the best band. The city also has a festival for literature which is the Winnipeg International Writers Festival. The list of festivals  goes on, for more information click here.

The diversity of sports in Winnipeg is also active. The city is home to the Blue Bombers (Canadian football), Moose (ice hockey, Jets (ice hockey) and Goldeyes (Baseball).

winnipeg blue bombersManitobaMoose_PL[1]

For Gastronomy adventures, Winnipeg has so much to offer with various restaurants in the city. Travelers have a wide selection of cuisine from different countries, for example the Baraka Pita Bakery offers amazing middle eastern cuisine like Kebab. Viena do Castelo serves the best Portuguese sandwiches and for Mexican foods, leave it to Burrito Del Rio Taqueria.

Winnipeg isn’t as big as Toronto or as extravagant Vancouver, but no one can deny that the city has it’s own aura that will surely appeal to travelers.

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