Most of the operations within travel agencies are the same, establish connections with travel companies. Create a bridge to connect travel companies to travelers. The difference lies on the level of performance, whether the company remains active or stays passive.

Let’s see if manages to differentiate itself from the rest with efficient service. was founded by Enzo DeMarinis, Joe DeMarinis and Frank DeMarinis, clearly these three are related. is owned by the Canadian Corporation Red Label Vacations Inc, in other words is a subsidiary of a bigger company in Canada.

light-redtag-logo2 is one of the elite travel companies like Flightnetwork or Flighthub in the Great white north.

Customer Judgement

There aren’t many reviews about online. Some of the reviews were posted back in 2013 and aren’t that credible. One traveler said the she had an issue with that hasn’t been resolved in a whole year. She told future travelers thinking of using to run as fast as they could and stay away from the company.

There were also claims that sudden price increase is a big issue with For travel companies promising low price rates, this is truly a major issue. One traveler received a confirmation for his flight with a additional $20, then he said commited a “scam, big time.”

Don’t really know what to say other than, get yourself together Red.

On their website, positive reviews are being shown to customers to assure them about Redtag’s efficient service.


The website is properly designed, searching and booking for travel services such as flight deals, hotel reservations and cruises is a piece of cake. They even provide daily top deals with discounted pricing. The company assures price drop. They have a lowest price calendar to provide specific deals with low price rates for specific dates

The agency offers last minute travel and package deals as well as vacation deals.

Anyway going back to the website, the design is beautiful. All travel agencies should learn from Redtag’s example. But everything still comes down to how effective the company is.

Customer Service

Their customer service phone line isn’t open 24 hours. 9am to midnight (EST) for Monday to Friday and 9am to 8pm (EST) on Saturday and Sunday. The company promises to provide information with the help of their hard working representatives. Their FAQs page is handy for general information but not specific issues.

For online contact, allows customers to submit their concerns through email. Customers who want to complain are welcome to visit Redtag’s main office in Ontario.

About manages to keep it simple all this time, one of their slogan is “We’re all about travel.” The company claims that the operation of is a “wonderful success.” isn’t actually that popular compared to other travel sites, but their travel services is very wide.


Redtag’s contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact No: 1-866-573-3824
  • Main Office: 2355 Skymark Ave Suite 100 Mississauaga, Ontario L4W 4Y6


Some of the reviews target Redtag’s misleading price rates, if Redtag manages to polish everything, they might be one of the best travel sites in Canada and the the world.

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