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Regional Express Reviews

Regional Express Reviews

Regional Express Reviews brand logoRegional Express traces its roots to the acquisition of Australiawide Airlines of Hazelton Airlines and Kendell Airlines to form Australian Regional Express from these two airlines, commencing operations in August 2002. Regional Express is based in Mascot, in New South Wales and was named Regional Express Holdings from Australiawide Airlines in 2005, from which they were able to add new routes and services.

Our Regional Express reviews give an overview of the Australian airline’s history and main information, its services and what its users think of them.

More Information

Regional Express Reviews airplane“Our heart is in the country,” is Regional Express’ company slogan. As of November 2016, Regional Express’ fleet of 52 aircraft is composed of 1 Saab 340A, 22 Saab 340B, and 29 Saab 340BPlus, of which they have the world’s largest fleet of Saab 340Bs.

Also, as of the most recent Regional Express reviews, Regional Express flies to 54 destinations, serving New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, North Queensland, Tasmania, and Western Australia as the country’s largest regional airline outside the Qantas group, wherein it provides scheduled regional services to these destinations.

What Users Have to Say

Regional Express Reviews serviceBased on 42 Regional Express reviews on Airlinequality, Regional Express had garnered a 6/10-star rating. One of the positive and most recent Regional Express reviews ended with: “I was also really surprised about how comfortable and spacious the seating configuration was and I look forward to flying with the airline again. Well done Regional Express,” though we see that the Regional Express reviews are a mix of positive and negative feedback about the regional airline.

Other positive Regional Express reviews echo the first when they express their appreciation over the airline’s exemplary cabin service and generous dining – in fact, these two aspects were the most-repeated in Regional Express reviews.

Their Website

On their official website, we can see the dark blue and orange colour scheme of the homepage, from which we can read further on Regional Express’ travelling and flight information and their products and services. Check out their website to learn more about the airline company, its rules and regulations, career opportunities with the airline, and more.

Also included are information you’ll need to know before you embark on your flight; these topics are clearly signposted at the upper tabs of the homepage from which you can also check-in and check your schedule. Book your flights and hotels at their handy-looking search engine located at the upper left hand portion, and amend your booking at the option to its bottom.

Meanwhile, read the information on this page about Regional Express policies for personal electronic device usage onboard.

Contact Details:

  • Regional Express Reviews officeWebsite URL:
  • Contact number: +61 2 9023 3555
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: +61 2 9023 3599
  • Head Office Address: PO Box 807, Mascot, New South Wales, 1460, Australia


Regional Express would create a good flight all around Australia for all seasons; I’d recommend you fly with them if you’re seeking the details that other airlines are not good at, as Regional Express is excellent at exceeding people’s expectations and perfecting their services.

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