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Room77 Reviews

Room77 Reviews-Drew Patterson
Drew Patterson

The new American hotel search engine was established back in 2009 by Brad Gerstner. Prior to Room77, he also founded Altimeter Capital in 2008, which is a global investment firm focused on technology and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Gerstner is also a member of the Board of Directors of other online travel agencies such as Orbitz and Hotel Tonight. Brad is a securities lawyer, graduate from Harvard Business School in 2000.

In 2013, Room77 received $30 million injection from Expedia and other investors and hired Drew Patterson as CEO, who was 36 years old by then. Drew Patterson was known to be a travel industry wunderkind for he had worked as former vice president of Kayak and co-founded JetSetter.

Basically, Room77 has been just like other online hotel search engine with the aim to be the best online hotel search engine, by letting travelers to select their destination and get filtered results from 200,000 hotels internationally. However, results are powered by Expedia, Orbitz, Hotels, Priceline, Booking and Otel which means they don’t make independent searches.
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In this review, I tried using Room77 by searching for my destination to “The Heathman Hotel, Portland, United States”, it directed me to ask my duration dates. I selected dates from December 7-11 for 1 room as 1 guest.

We can customize the results either by hotel types, price, rating, amenities, brands or location/area. A map is shown on the right hand to guide and another good side of Room77 is, when you click a result, it provides information, including photo, prices, hotel reviews, address and contact number.

Room77 is known for their generosity because travelers won’t stop after booking, because booking 4- or 5-star hotels, or stays totaling more than $400 in Room 77 get access to a complimentary Room Concierge to help them get into the best possible room.

Surprisingly, Room77 reviews are nowhere to be found. There’s one in SiteJabber but it’s too obvious that those Room77 reviews are not genuine or legit and it’s dated way back March 3, 2014.

In my perspective, I can see that the reviewer had only posted one review and that’s it. It seems to me like a made up account to upraise the credibility of the company. I believe there are more unobvious ways to do such fraud.
Room77 Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                     
  • Contact Number:                         +1 650 282 3000
  • Contact Email:                    
  • Fax Number:                                 312 284 4872
  • Head Office Address:                  888 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041, United States

Advice to Revise
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My outlook about the hotel search engine which lacks Room77 reviews is they are not yet credible enough that customers don’t exert effort to praise their services. Or maybe they don’t have enough consumers? And maybe this is the reason why there was no CEO (prior to Drew) since it was founded by Brad. There’s a big room of space for improving the performance by efficiency. Room77 has a lot of edge to exceed but these will all be put to waste if not sharpened.



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  1. Is it just me or the CEO of Room77 looks like Andrew Garfield as CFO, Eduardo Saverin of Facebook in “The Social Network”. Anyway, I once used this site and I didn’t encounter any sort of problem. I recommend Room77 to other travelers.


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