Roomer Reviews

Roomer Reviews

The hotel search engine site was founded in 2011. The idea began when one of the founders had cancelled his visit to New York but still had to pay for a cancellation fee for an unused hotel reservation. To avoid this particular hassle and problem in the future, they thought of helping other travellers who suffer the same problems every now and then.
Roomer Reviews-fundingWith the help of BRM Group and Waze, in less than two years, Roomer has expanded its business to operate worldwide. If by chance you are trying to access the Roomer that we are reviewing right now, please make sure it’s, since is another and unrelated domain naming listing site.

What is Roomer?

pageFounders Ben Froumine, Gon Ben David, and Adi Zellner had rooted the idea of the business from the origin mentioned above. Yes, Roomer now is a travel site that helps travellers around the world book their hotel room from people who can’t use theirs. Basically, there are two options or services offered on Roomer: either customers will sell their hotel reservations or book a hotel accommodation from their list (which includes others’ unused bookings).
Roomer Reviews-mobile app
As their company description says, “It’s a win-win situation for everybody. Talk about good karma!”. Booking a hotel reservation while saving others’ is a cool idea. Not to mention, Roomer already has a mobile version of their services available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Roomer Reviews of Customers

However, we are about to break the good history and facts of Roomer. Roomer is actually not the best despite its creative and helpful intention. According to Roomer reviews on Tripadvisor, consumers didn’t actually save from booking with them, and others were complaining about overcharges and bookings they never made. Now, where did the helping part described go here?

But, what really caught our attention was this:

On November 20, 2014, the Better Business Bureau raised concerns about Roomer and its print brochure, and requested that this firm substantiate their claims regarding the following:

  1. Saved $450
  2. Saved $150
  3. “up to 67% off New York, NY”
  4. “up to 84% off Las Vegas, NV”
  5. Unbeatable prices.

Roomer has not responded to BBB’s requests for clarification of modification of the aforementioned issues. And, this business is not BBB-accredited.

This can be considered as deceptive advertising or also known as false advertising. If Roomer was able to come up with such lies, what more can you expect once you had already booked with them?
Roomer Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Number:           +1 866-293-5985
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                  97235282805
  • Head Office Address:    1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, United States


Judging through several Roomer reviews and complaints posted online, and based on numerous reviews by consumers, the hotel search site is not that efficient in providing the services they promised to help. Maybe, because they just barely started in this travel industry. Well, I don’t know if that will count as a good reason for overcharging and hidden fees.

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