Royal Jordanian Reviews

Royal Jordanian Reviews

Let us take a journey back to the beginning of Royal Jordanian in 1963, by the royal decree of King Hussein. It was initially named as Alia, which was the name of the King’s eldest child. The capital came from private shareholders but later on, the government of Jordan took over the company. It was in 1986 that the airline’s name was rebranded to Royal Jordanian.
Royal Jordanian Reviews-crewThrough the growing years, Royal Jordanian became a member of the airline alliance Oneworld in 2007, which made them the first airline to join the alliance. Now, the airline carries the slogan “A World of Stories” with 26 aircraft headquartered in Queen Alia airport catering over 60 destinations worldwide一wherein the current CEO is Cpt. Haitham Misto.

On Air with Royal Jordanian

The Royal Jordanian has two cabin classes categorized as Economy and Crown class. As promised, customers under Economy will feel the traditional hospitality of Jordanians in modern comfort. Customers enjoy spacious legroom while being served with international dishes or a choice of famous Jordanian cuisines. Both classes will enjoy an option of three-course meals.
Royal Jordanian Reviews-Crown Class
As for Crown class passengers, this serves as the airline’s business class and/or first class; travellers flying this class get the priority services from the moment they arrive till they depart. This cabin class includes lounge access, royal restaurants and fine dining of Royal Jordanian.

Official Website and Mobile App

pageInitially, the official website asks customers to pick their country and language. However, given that option to select customer’s preferred language, it won’t automatically direct them to their chosen language. In this review, I just manually changed the URL from “” to “

The overall mood of the Royal Jordanian was not as majestic as it sounds. It’s a mix of white, gold, silver and red though on low contrast which makes it boring to browse. The main features let travellers search, manage and check their bookings online. Hotel reservations and car rentals are also shown as the airline’s services.

Royal Jordanian Reviews-mobile appThe majestic airline of Jordan extends their services to smartphones via mobile applications. The travel app of Royal Jordanian is available on both App Store and Google Play store. However, Royal Jordanian reviews show that consumers are not even pleased with the mobile version because it’s buggy and needs more improvement.

Royal Jordanian Reviews of Passengers

The royal airline of Jordan is getting an above average rating based on 182 Royal Jordanian reviews, the airport received praise and acknowledgements from their customers saying their overall experience was good. However, with the most recent Royal Jordanian reviews they are rating their reviews with 6/10. Here’s the most recent one posted on 26th of April 2016:

Royal Jordanian Reviews-complaints“I often have no other choice but to fly with Royal Jordanian. An experience that I mostly regret because of the unacceptable inflight smoking practices. I have very little else to remark about Royal Jordanian which I consider a reliable and responsible carrier, other than the smoking practices. As a non-smoker I am particularly sensitive to the unpleasant smell of cigarettes.”

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                
  • Contact number:                    +96 26 510 00 000
  • Contact Email:              
  • Fax Number:                           +96 26 520 20 93
  • Head Office Address:            Building 37, Mohammad Ali Janah Street, Abdoun,
    near the 
    5th Circle, Amman, 11118, Jordan


Well, in a nutshell, it was quite confusing if flying with Royal Jordanian is worth the shot. Based on their story, they seem to be hospitable, accommodating towards their customers on board. They are also generous with meals and inflight amenities. However, according to Royal Jordanian reviews directly from their consumers and loyal customers, the airline’s reputation is battling between fair and good enough. Maybe if Royal Jordanian will study their customer’s concerns, then they might come up with a better approach.

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  1. It was a transit flight. The flight was packed and the seat’s comfort ability was the main problem here. Not even comfortable. It felt like I sat on a wooden chair while travelling on air. Stewardess had to rearrange the people on board and passengers who wants to sit next to their family added to the problem. But maybe i’m just being peevish, hoping I won’t be flying like this with Royal Jordanian again.


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