Ryanair Reviews

Ryanair Reviews

The CEO of the airline said “Why are we carrying 81 million passengers if we’re this terrible? We have the lowest fares, we have brand-new aircraft, we have the most on-time flights” This jolly and competitive personality of the leader was one of the reasons of Ryanair’s success. Let’s take a look at other reasons:

History and Facts

Ryanair Reviews- Michael O'Leary
Michael O’Leary

Ryanair was established by the Ryan family in 1985 which obviously explains where the word Ryan originated. It all started with a capital of £1 and 25 employees. As of 2012, the growth of Ryanair had been rapidly improving to 8,500 employees that includes 1,200 pilots.

Now, Ryanair is known as the world’s second largest low-cost airline next to Southwest Airlines, the striking resemblance of royal blue and yellow is used for the theme colors of Ryanair, I wonder how Southwest Airlines reacts to this? Ryanair has 76 bases serving over 200 destinations in 31 countries with 321 Boeing 737 and has grown to 10,000 employees with CEO, Michael O’Leary, a 54-year old Irish businessman and Manchester City supporter.

Evidently, with this massive growth the airline had gathered a lot of awards. The most recent award was “Aviation Company of the Year” by Aviation Industry Awards 2015. Prior to that, Ryanair was awarded before several times as “Europe’s Leading Low-Cost Airline.”

Ryanair Reviews-inflightIn Flight with Ryanair

With Ryanair, passengers enjoy their flights, crews are trained to provide the highest standards of service. On board customers are served with a menu wherein they can freely choose from a variety of snacks and beverages. Even if the airline is known to be a low-cost air service, the stunning yellow interior gives an elegant mood on board.

The Official Website and Mobile App

The website doesn’t seem to give me the airline features. At first I thought, I was on the wrong site, because the site looks like an online travel agency page.Like other airlines’ websites, Ryanair’s features let travelers book flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. Customers can also check-in online, view timetable and flight information. The page can be changed to 30 other languages located on the top right.
Ryanair Reviews-mobile app
Ryanair also extended their services to mobile app, the travel app’s features are just similar to the PC version. However the popularity of this app’s mobile boarding pass was questioned in 2014, when several customers who depend on using the mobile boarding pass got delayed flights because the app wasn’t working plus the credibility was questioned too. Now, less people are using the mobile app.

Ryanair Reviews of Passengers

Ryanair’s crew were bluntly complained by passengers before for their rudeness and unprofessionalism. However lately, based on the most recent Ryanair reviews, the low cost airline had improved their services in terms of on board hospitality and passengers are delighted with the changes. One reviewer even said the “crew much nicer than before”, this reviewer flew with Ryanair three times and his third experience didn’t have issues. This was also her third time to write a review about the airline but was the first time she gave the airline a 9 rating, for the price she paid, she got more than enough.

Another reviewer also said that Ryanair has stepped up their level in the game. He also noted that the customer support had improved along with the cabin crew’s friendliness and politeness. Both flights he was in were 10 minutes early and he ended the review with “I would definitely fly with Ryanair again” and gave them a 7 out of 10 score.
Ryanair Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                         www.ryanair.com
  • Contact Number:                   +353 1 812 1212
  • Contact Email:                       dalym@ryanair.com
  • Fax Number:                          +353 1 812 1213
  • Head Office Address:            Corporate Head Office, Dublin Airport, Co Dublin, Ireland


After compiling some Ryanair reviews, I really love how Ryanair took action about customer’s complaints and suggestions. This is the reason why passengers love to fly with them. Aside from their upgrading accommodation and services and also their value and worth, they let their customers feel, this is one of the important factors an airline should always remember.  Ryanair taught as a lot of lessons.

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  1. On the way back from Portugal at the airport realised I had no boarding passes and was told the choice was the only way to get back to London was to pay 70 euros each – 2 adults one child it took the seconds to print our tickets. Once we paid up I think was very bad service.


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