S7 Airlines Reviews

S7 Airlines Reviews

S7 Airlines Reviews-Vladimir Obyedkov
Vladimir Obyedkov

S7 Airlines, also known as PJSC Siberia Airlines, is a Russian airline founded in 1999 as Siberia Airlines. Initially, during the financial crisis and Vnukovo Airlines’ bankruptcy, Siberia Airlines advised merging as a solution but Vnukovo refused. But, the chasing games were over in 2001, when Vnukovo merged with S7 Airlines, taking all the aircraft. S7 Airlines also acquired other airlines such as Baikal Airlines (2001), Chelyabinsk Airlines, and Enkor (2004).

Now, S7 Airlines is headquartered at Domodedovo and Tolmachevo Airport with a total fleet size of 45 catering 87 destinations worldwide, and carrying the company slogan: “Freedom to choose.” The Russian international airline is a member of Oneworld and is now led by their CEO, Vladimir Obyedkov.

Inflight with S7 Airlines
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S7 Airlines doesn’t differ with other international airlines. They are offering Economy and Business Class. Recently, the airline focuses on the improvement of their Business Class to meet the demands of their passengers in terms of high-level service, either domestic or international and short or long-haul flights. The only entertainment the airline offers is their S7 Magazine, which has a monthly update. S7 Airlines offers complimentary meals in flight, however, passengers don’t find them edible or even close to tasty.

Website and Mobile App
The official site looks as easy as it is designed. Initially, the customer will mistake that the site is an online travel agency’s, but seeing the logo of Oneworld airline alliance at the top right solves the mystery. The mixed colors of gray and green give an energetic mood to travelers, plus the clip art of different kind of passengers on board. The page lets customers search for flights, hotel reservations, and even car rentals. They can also check and manage their bookings. The later part of the site gives an access to special deals, news, services, and the loyalty program, S7 Priority.
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On the other hand, S7 Airlines has a mobile version of services. On S7 Airlines reviews, consumers have said, “Amazing mobile app and check-in, got flight information updates regularly on my phone.” The travel app has similar features with the PC version, and it’s available in the Google Play store and App Store. To learn more about the application’s description, click here.

S7 Airlines Reviews of Customers
Even if the international Russian airline has been gathering mixed S7 Airlines reviews, they were able to reach a score rating of 7/10 by Skytrax. However, even if the customers are receiving a satisfied overall experience, there are still some complaints showing about their inflight meals, no entertainment, uncomfortable seats, and old aircraft. Some are commenting about the flight attendants who don’t smile and hide after serving the meals. Given these numerous things about S7, they still manage to live up with the expectation of passengers.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                    www.s7.ru
  • Contact number:              +7 800 200 00 07/ +7 495 777 9999
  • Contact Email:                   info@s7.ru
  • Fax Number:                     +7 495 363 05 80 / +7 3832 599 064
  • Head Office Address:       JSC S7 Airlines, Ob-4, Novosibirsk Region, 633104, Russia

In 2006,  Flight 778 of S7 Airlines crashed upon landing, with 203 people on board (including staff). This incident killed 125 people, leaving the rest in critical injuries. Among the dead were FSB regional head, Sergey Koryakov, and the daughter of writer Valentin Rasputin.

Given this tragedy, S7 Airlines remained operating flights and was able to build up the reputation they’ve been maintaining for years.


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  1. Booking easy, I paid a bit more then 100 euros – quite cheap. All on time. They even think about vegetarians: there are 2 types of menu was offered, one of them without meat. They give magazines for children! I liked to fly with the company.


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