Scariest destinations in the World

There are people in this world who are very passionate about dealing with thrill and horror. It may be hard to understand and explain the way these people think when they seek adventures that would lead them to something terrifying.

For those who enjoy going to haunted and horrific places, here are some of the creepiest destinations in the world.

Island of Dolls in Mexico

This place is not for the fainters. This island is filled with dolls that are hung up in trees and the ambiance is a totally eerie. The story behind this place is about the caretaker Don Juliana Santana who found a girl who drowned in the water area. Santana then found a doll floating in the water and decided to hang it up to pay tribute to the little girl. He continued to hang dolls for almost 50 years until he died by drowning in the same water surroundings as the girl.


Suicide Forest in Japan

The Aokigahara forest is famous around Japan because it is a main spot for people who wish to take their own lives. During the 1950’s over 500 people committed suicide and the number kept on rising the following years. It is a mystery why the people who died decided to do it in the forest, it’s as if the forest itself is claiming their lives. Another mystery, is it possible that some cases are not suicide?


Manila Film Center in Philippines

This place is believed to be haunted by the restless spirits of the workers who were buried alive after the scaffolding of the site collapsed on November 17th, 1981. Up to these days it is believed that the ghosts of the victims still roam the structure looking for a way out.


Bell Witch Cave in United States

The bell family was killed in this very cave and their restless souls continue to inflict terror into people nearby. Everything inside the cave is believed to have been cursed including the small pieces of rock. People refuse to live near the house so they build their home miles away from the cave. Anyone brave enough to pay the cave a visit?


Leap Castle in Ireland

Also known as the Bloody Chapel, this is where two brothers fought for full authority. One of the brothers was the priest of the chapel, he was killed without mercy by his own brother. It’s not only the blood of one man but the blood of prisoners whose spirits now flow in the grounds of the chapel. Prisoners were thrown in an oubliette and were left to die.

There are many entities roaming the castle, but one in particular is the elemental. A hunched violent beast that smells like rotting flesh.


Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Edinburgh has a very deep history and some of them tackle paranormal beliefs. The castle is famous for a legend about a piper who was sent to a tunnel opening to investigate. The piper played his pipes to notify the observers monitoring his every movement. The sound of the pipe started to minimize and finally disappeared. Some of the locals claim that they hear the sound of the piper up to today. If that’s not spooky enough, Edinburgh is also home to a headless drummer, spectral dog and phantom prisoners.


Borley Rectory, Essex

Once upon a time a monk and a nun fell in love with each other. They decided escape the monastery to live a happy life together. Unfortunately, just like some tragic romantic stories, they were caught. The elders of the monastery ordered the monk to be hanged and the nun to be buried alive. After that, the lovers continued to live on and haunt the place. Unusual footsteps are heard inside the house and the nun appears in front of the living room sometimes. The Borley Rectory is considered the “most haunted house in England.”


Humberstone Town and La Noria Cemetery

If you fancy and love watching zombie movies, then this town’s story is going to catch your interest. Humberstone used to be a rich town because of their mining. In 1960 the town was abandoned by most of the residents because the sustainability of living is getting pretty rough. There were rumors about the La Noria cemetery regarding the dead rising and wandering the area. Some graves in the cemetery are open with the dead bodies exposed. Is it just rumors to catch people’s attention? To find out, looks like people need to camp out and see for themselves.


These are just a few of the scariest places with terrifying stories. Anyway, there are strong-willed horror seekers seeking new experiences that makes their hair raise and spines chill.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your horror destinations specially the story that surround the place. But I guess the Manila Film Center was actually an act of greediness of the first lady by then. I watched the Filipino movie which is actually connects to what happened to the workers, it is the Tragic Theater in 2015


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