ShermansTravel Reviews

ShermansTravel Reviews

This is another America-based travel site named after its founder, James Sherman, who serves as the current Chairman of the travel meta search engine.

ShermansTravel was established in 2002 and now it employs about 50 employees with its head office located in New York. The business sprouted from the idea of helping fellow travelers find the best vacation deals and information online.

What is ShermansTravel?
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ShermansTravel was said to be a leading publisher of hand-picked travel deals and money-saving destination advice, providing ideas, resources, and inspiration for travel planning. They use a comparison tool that helps travelers find the best price from multiple travel providers with a single search.

The travel meta search engine lets customers search and compare for offers on flights, hotel reservations, vacation, and cruise deals. Their service also automatically shows the top and most popular deals with the price listing.

Mobile App

ShermansTravel Reviews-mobile appShermansTravel has recently launched their Mobile App version of their services and they called it, WhereTo. Their app’s features let customers use similar functions of the PC version and it provides vacation recommendations through the following three steps: selecting one of sixteen types of trips, choosing from 20 different travel personalities and lastly, travellers need to enter how many are going, what time of the year, duration and budget parameters.

But customers are not comfortable with how ShermansTravel works with cybersquatting. Aside from this complaint, let me share an experience and ShermansTravel review online.

ShermansTravel Reviews of Customers

Knowing someone in a worst way happened to me and ShermansTravel. A friend of mine once invited me over coffee after knowing that I write reviews about travel sites used by tourists and travellers. I thought she missed me, but what turned out to be a reunion led to a frustrated conversation about a travel site she used online. And yes, it’s ShermansTravel. To cut the long story short, she was scammed by ShermansTravel. Relatively, she’s not the only one who experienced the same scenario.

ShermansTravel Reviews-scamLooking at ShermansTravel reviews, a collection of unwanted subscriptions arises. Majority of the complaints fall to ShermansTravel’s billing over an unrequested subscription. What makes this worst? Customers keep receiving collection calls for the said subscription and this doesn’t slightly make their lives more comfortable.

Here’s one sample of a consumer’s review:
“ShermansTravel won’t stop emailing me and I never signed up with them. They are saying I owe money to them and are sending a fake collection agency after me. DO NOT USE THEM!”

ShermansTravel Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact Number:                 +1 212 417 9130
  • Contact Email:           
  • Fax Number:                        +1 212 417 9131
  • Head Office Address:          112 West 34th St., Suite 2110, New York, NY 10120, US


Judging through all the ShermansTravel reviews I read and heard, it’s easy to conclude that ShermansTravel is not user-friendly because customers subscribing to get more information are directly being charged for a different service. Let alone that incident is considered fraud. There are more complaints to be found online. Place your judgements below. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. A very tight workplace. Everyone is pushed together and sharing desks. Also there is a negative vibe in the office where workloads are constantly shifted around and there is little recognition for jobs well done and only negative criticism.


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