SilkAir Reviews

SilkAir Reviews

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Chai Woo Foo

Silkair was established as an air-charter-company in 1975, after years of providing quality service for regional air commuters mainly from neighboring countries like Brunei, Thailand, and indonesia. The airline made major changes to reintroduce the new name “SilkAir Airline”  to the company, as part also of the company’s expansion to India and mainland China. SilkAir Airline is a regional subsidiary of Singapore Airlines.

Chai Woo Foo has been appointed chief executive of SilkAir from May 18, 2016, while current CEO Leslie Thng will return to parent company Singapore Airlines (SIA). The airline has a current fleet of 31 Airbus and Boeing serving 51 destinations internationally; they are globally bringing “A joy to fly.”

Flying with SilkAir

There are actually two cabin class offered on all SilkAir flights: Economy and Business.

SilkAir Reviews-cabinEconomy class passengers have a seat pitch of 31 inches and legroom of 12 inches. Economy class now features a new autumn colour scheme — the older seats found in some of the older A320s are blue-green.

Business class passengers are offered a seat pitch of between 39 and 40 inches and legroom of 19.3 inches. Now, they also receive leather seats which are on all Airbus 319s, and most Airbus 320s.

Both cabin classes are offered with quality service like good food and quality entertainment that will surely indulge you to fly with them. To learn more about the flight experience with SilkAir, click here.

The Website

Turquoise and blue are good choices for a theme color of an official site. Their official website provides user-friendly navigation. The impressive simple layout of the website will surely make you read more about them. They also provide Fare Deals for the cheapest flights they have available. The feature that will surely catch attention is the option for “Perfect Destination:” it provides different destinations around the globe that will be useful for travelers.
Unfortunately, SilkAir isn’t very mobile-friendly, as it does not yet have an Android or an iOS application.

SilkAir Reviews of Customers

According to online feedback for the Singaporean airline, SilkAir continuously provides quality customer service. The majority of the reviews talk about the crew – both ground and cabin crew- describing them as “friendly” and “excellent.” Unlike last year, SilkAir had now been getting more of acknowledgements over complaints. They garnered a 7/10 total score rating on Skytrax as a 4-star airline.
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How To Reach Them?


As a general survey about SilkAir Airline, the airline had consistently provided good customer service to their customers; this can be their greatest prowess considering the overwhelming reviews about their staff and their overall service as an airline. They keep on providing innovative ways to satisfy their customers. However, SilkAir still needs improve the negative feedback from their customers. What do you think about SilkAir? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. The ground staff in Kuching and in Singapore are friendly and helpful. Cabin crew friendly and shows great hospitality. The only thing I would like to comment is that SilkAir should make new safety videos and also provide different kind of inflight meals. In general it is an airline worth recommending to everyone!


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