Singapore Changi Airport Reviews

Singapore Changi Airport Reviews

Singapore Changi Airport Reviews-bestStarting today, we’ll be adding up reviews about airports around the world. We are aware that not everyone knows a lot about each airport like how we tried to learn airline services, policies, and information. We’ll be reviewing international airports. First on our list and first as well from the Top 100 Airports 2016 is Singapore Changi Airport.

Since the primary civilian airport for Singapore opened in 1981, SIN had already got over 500 awards which include 28 “Best Airport” awards from 2015 alone. Do the math and be amazed about this airport. Singapore is actually the world’s greatest city; that pretty much explains why their airport is the best. Let’s learn more about SIN.

Airport Facilities

Being the world’s busiest airport, imagine how many travellers, tourists, and passengers get in and out of the airport. SIN has information counters which can be found at several locations within the terminals, to help customers to not get lost. Some telephones and touch-screen information kiosks are also situated throughout the airport.

atm machineThough, be notified that restrooms are everywhere but pretty much crowded most of the time as per one comment on Singapore Changi Airport reviews. On a positive note, showers are available on all three terminals. As a bypasser, you don’t need to book a hotel, Singapore Changi Airport has 6 rest and relaxation areas.

There are all sorts of ways to kill time at the airport such as aviation gallery, entertainment deck, 3D experience zone, and Zone x for arcade gaming. To stay connected, the airport has free WiFi access through the “Wireless@SG” network.

Feel like shopping? There are numerous shops at Singapore Changi Airport, including duty-free outlets and 24-hour mini-supermarkets in all terminals. Other retailers sell a range of items, from the latest fashion to specialist local produce.

Singapore Changi Airport Reviews-zone xHungry? Singapore Changi Airport has many restaurants, cafés, bars, delis, fast-food outlets, and snack bars, offering both Western and Asian cuisine. Many of these eateries are open 24 hours a day. There are also lounge bars showcasing live music in all terminals.

Out of cash? 24-hour ATM machines and currency exchanges are located at airside and landside in all terminals.

Getting To and From

SBS TransitIf you plan to drive your way to SIN, the East Coast Parkway toll road runs directly between the airport and Singapore city centre. Cash cards for the toll can be purchased from car hire companies at the airport. The total drive time to the airport from central Singapore is approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Another means of transportation is the MRT station which is located beneath Terminals 2 and 3. It takes about 35 minutes to reach the city. Or, the SBS Transit bus that operates from and to the airport.

Location – Traffic – Service

Singapore Changi Airport Reviews-Singapore AirlinesSingapore Changi Airport is located 20 km (13 miles) northeast of the city of Singapore and serves as the hub for Jetstar Asia Airways, Scoot, SilkAir, Singapore Airlines, and Tigerair. The government-owned international airport has 2 runways and 3 terminals as of now. Even if SIN had already won the Best Airport award for 4 consecutive years, they had still properly accommodated more than 55 million passengers last year. In 2015, Indonesia was the largest market for Singapore Changi Airport, followed by Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Airport/Terminal Map
Singapore Changi Airport Reviews-map

Singapore Changi Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:             SIN
  • Phone Number:         +65 6595 6868
  • Website URL:  
  • Address:                      PO Box 168  Airport Blvd, Singapore 918146


If you recall the September 11 in 2001 and the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) epidemic in 2003, those are the events that affected the passenger traffic to low. But shortly after that, due to the opening of casinos, their reputation was easily won back. They even surpassed the predicted number of passengers. Now, a new fourth terminal is under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2017; and, a fifth is planned for 2020. Expansion of the airport’s parking facilities is also taking place.

After hearing the struggles and strategy of Singapore Changi Airport, we are amazed how they manage to play with the travel market easily. No doubt, they are the number one airport in the world. Have you been there? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. T1 Check-in handled by SATS progressed at its customary slow pace. The long of about 100 passengers line which had formed due to inefficient check-in procedures moved only very slowly. Hardly an experience befitting a “world class” airport. Customs clearance is and remains excellent but unusually slow on the return voyage one week later.


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