South Island Travel Guide

South Island Travel Guide

New Zealand has two major islands, the north one and the south one, for this travel guide review, we will be discussing the best features of the bigger one, the South Island.

Also known as the Mainland, South Island or Te Waipounamu has 33% larger landmass compared to the North. South Island has only 23% of New Zealand 4.5 million inhabitants these days, unlike the old days wherein most of the European people lived in the island because of the gold rushes during 1860s.

Weather Conditions:

Having critical knowledge regarding weather conditions and climate is a great skill all of us should possess. An individual can easily anticipate what is coming by looking at the sky, determining the wind direction or checking animal behaviour. Very few people are interested in this field of study, but maybe humanity would be more versatile if every one of them had this basic knowledge.

South Island has a temperate climate, with July being the coldest month and January and February being the hottest months. The Northern and Northeastern parts of the island are the sunniest areas, of course the Southern and Southeastern experiences a cooler temperature.  

New Zealand’s weather is commonly described as “four seasons in one day.” The relentless changes in weather condition forces the people to be prepared for rain, hail and snow every day.

Here is the breakdown of the four seasons occurring yearly in New Zealand.

  • Summer – December to February
  • Autumn – March to May
  • Winter – June to August
  • Spring – September to November

Looking for a place to stay?

Lakeside Apartments

One of the most-demanded places to stay, located in Wanaka, New Zealand, the Lakeside Apartments, kinda gives away its best feature right? Online reviews on Tripadvisor submitted over 300 positive reviews for this establishment providing excellent staff service and maintaining cleanliness efficiently. You can choose between the bay or the pool to satisfy your urges to swim and release all of the heavy stress in your shoulders.

The Sails Nelson Motel

The unique interior of the entire building and every room inside attracts travelers who wants to experience something new and innovative design of luxurious suites with amenities. Online reviews on Tripadvisor compliment the motel for their efficient service and affordable price rates.

Things to do

South Island stands out because of its outstanding views from different angles around the island. There are more activities/destinations to engage in.

LocationActivities/DestinationsHours of Operation
37 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300, New ZealandSkydive Paradise8AM - 5PM (Sun - Sat)
Dalys Wharf Akaroa, Akaroa 7520, New ZealandecoSEAker
79 Aerodrome Road, Blenheim 7272, New ZealandOmaka Aviation Heritage Centre10AM - 5PM (Sun - Sat)
Brecon St, Queenstown 9348, New ZealandSkyline Queenstown - Gondola & Luge9AM - 11:30PM (Sun - Sat)
Brownston Street, Wanaka 9305, New ZealandParadiso Cinema11AM - 11:30PM (Sun - Sat)
45 Camp Street, Queenstown, New ZealandZiptrek Ecotours
Sun - Sat 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
8AM - 7PM (Sun - Sat)
96 Esplanade, Kaikoura 7300, New ZealandDolphin Encounter

Tourist Attractions:

Milford Sound

This fiord runs 15 kilometers from the Tasman Sea to the mouth of the fiord, sheer rock that stands 3,900 ft from the base. Rudyard Kipling considered this attraction as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” this is also the top attraction in all of New Zealand. The locals offer boat tours, so don’t miss out.

Milford Sound
Milford Sound Boat Tour

Lake Wakatipu

The longest lake in New Zealand stretches for 80 kilometers and is very deep with below sea level. Wakatipu was derived from the Waitaha people, literally, Wakatipu means “growing bay.” This lake is very similar to Loch Ness and is the home of the longfin eel, largest of its species. Visiting this destination is not for the faint of heart.

Wakitiku Lake
Longfin Eel

The Remarkables

Awesome name for a mountain range/skifield with a magnificent sharp rising.  Alexander Garvie gave the name The Remarkables to the mountains in 1857-58. Travelers say that The Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu work well together and provides a magnificent view.

Earnslaw on lake Wakatipu in Winter, Queenstown. New Zealand.
The Remarkables Mountains


Wild Food Festival

The anticipated and ultimate consumption festival occurs in the month of March. Most people might be attracted knowing that this is a food festival, that’s exactly what it is. Different type of dishes are cooked in different styles in Hokitika. Forgot to mention that, some of the ingredients included insects like cockroaches and worms. So prepare yourself and your stomach for something exotic, delicious and out of this world, not literally, figuratively.



Gramado’s Restaurant

Igniting a wide cuisine style taste and serving meals to make the customers’ taste buds dance and sing has been Gramado’s goal all these years. The structure of the restaurant is very similar to that of a house, a common idea for most restaurants but their food is what makes people come back for more. Gramado’s ranked 1st on Tripadvisor for best restaurants in South Island, New Zealand.


the BURLEiGh

Located in Burleigh,Blenheim 7301, New Zealand, the BURLEiGH is a bakery that offers bread meals for breakfast, brunch and lunch for people who are on a budget but are still looking for good quality food. Their coffee and pork belly pie has the spotlight for their synchronization with each other. By the way there is also a hotel called, The Burleigh hotel, remember not to get confused since they have the same spelling but different capitalization of letters.

Tourist/ Traveler information of South Island

South Island, New Zealand has its own website for travelers reference. They also have social media account to entertain travelers with information.


South Island is the 13th best travel destination according to Traveleye, do you agree with that? The South Island provides a very dynamic set of activities, cuisine, celebration and even attractions, that is also the thing that makes them stand out among other destinations with the same old features. Hope you found this South Island review informative, feel free to leave your comments below.


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