Spectacular playgrounds around the world

People are only young once, it’s better to do something worthwhile to serve as a great memory as you grow old. Do you remember the greatest memory you had growing up? If you’re old and working now, it’s not actually too late.

The best thing you can do, take your children, your nephews, your nieces etc, to a big, fun, exciting, and great playground they’ve never been before.

I’m pretty sure there are some great playgrounds around your neighborhood, why not kick things up a notch. There are hundreds of amazing playgrounds in this world, travel.

Here are some of the most fun playgrounds in the world.

Wibit Sports in Germany

mock5A playground on the beach, does it get any better than that? This water based playground in Germany has been a hot spot for summer vacations. Kids are sure to have fun in an inflatable playground above low-level sea water. The playground has trampolines, slides, swings and climbing structures. The excitement is overwhelming, let the children go wild.

The Big Pyramid in USA

50-best-playgrounds-neptune-parkLocated in the Neptune park at Saratoga Springs, this giant metal pyramid has been opened since 2012 for the public. The pyramid stands at 30 ft from the ground as the children climb their way to the top . No need to worry about the children falling, there’s a rope netting inside to catch them every time they slip and fall. But it’s advisable to watch over them the whole time.

Wood of nets in Japan

2.-Woods-of-Net-GÇô-Hakone-JapanJapanese net artist Toshiko Horiuchi love knitting so much that he knitted an entire net playground for little kids. It took him three years to complete his rainbow net art. This nest made of net is the perfect place for children to let loose. They can jump around, crawl and even roll over.


The Land in Wales

23a5ebde5This is not your typical playground of swings and slides, kids who come here, seeks not only fun but adventure as well. The land is an interactive playground where kids can build dens, light fires and learn everything about survival. There are some slight risk to never overlook though, watch over the kids but let them learn on their own.

Zip World in Wales

Zip-World-Trampoline2One of the coolest underground playground in the world, that’s right underground. What was once a mine is now a world of net, trampolines and slides. Children can climb as high as 180 ft above the ground, put your mind at ease, the entire playground is covered with nets so kids can bounce around. Kids can leap through the air repeatedly.

City Museum in USA

tumblr_ls6dy4oAyk1qcw9y0o1_r1_500A playground and a mechanical paradise of man-made metal sculptures and art installations. This playground is huge, kids and adults are sure to be amazed by the unique architectural concept of the entire infrastructure. They have a mini ferris wheel outside and spiral slides.

The Green Heart in England

feb43db3ecf80bf6ce2932be83285af0As a bonus for this list, the green heart is a playground/gym built for adults who wants to get buff. The gym’s electricity supply is human-powered, when someone ride the stationary bike, the light around the gym ignites. It’s not that big, but it has great character, and it also heart-shaped, duhhh!


Your children are going to be jumping for excitement when they see these pictures. Once again, they are only young once, give them the greatest memory they can carry. Besides, these playgrounds is not only for the young ones, but also for the young at heart.


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